Liverpool 2-1 Bournemouth | Liver Bird's post-match view

Back with a Boom! Okay maybe not quite that emphatic yesterday but there were signs of improvement and importantly we got the win and all three points. The points meaning we need just nine more to win the league and the victory meaning we've set yet another new record.

Yesterday's result was our 22nd successive home win which beats the previous record of 21 home victories in top flight football set by ourselves in 1972. Lovely jubbly. What about the game itself though, how did our team perform? Here's the Liver Bird's take on some of the main talking points.

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Shaky at the back

With Alisson and Robertson injured we saw Adrian and Milner take their places and weren't our normal solid selves as a result. Adrian had another mixed bag of a game and doesn't inspire the same level of confidence in either us or our players as Alisson. However if it wasn't for Bournemouth's controversial goal he keeps a clean sheet so overall considering his sudden call to action he's doing okay.

Milner can also be forgiven because left back's not his normal position. That was telling when he made a bit of a mess of things for the Cherries' goal and at other times during the game but he more than made up for that with a superb off the line goal clearance which was equally as big a match winning contribution as any other. Milner's an amazing player for us and he was an amazing signing.

Shaky in the middle

How much do we miss our captain. A lot and surely there can no longer be any Hendo doubters (bizarrely there still are). With a midfield of Ox, Gini and Fabinho we looked okay-ish and Oxlade brought some good early attacking intent and energy to proceedings but without any shadow of a doubt we lose a lot when Henderson's not playing.

Our midfield simply doesn't have the same tenacity or intensity, it's much easier to play through for the opposition and much less effective at pressing them back in the other direction. Trent's caught out of position more often without Hendo there to pick up the slack and Fabinho doesn't appear to be fully up to speed yet - losing possession multiple times and also dribbled past far too easily.

I feel there may be a strong case for us to add midfield depth this summer but as of right now thankfully Henderson has returned to full training and will hopefully be available to play against Atletico this Wednesday.

Sharp at the front

Salah and Mane were much more like their best in this match. Right from the start Salah was lively, making lots of fast darting runs, always looking for the ball and making an impact when he received it. He looked confident and that showed with what was a very nice goal. The pass from Mane was a little behind him but that didn't stop Mo turning and shooting through their defender's legs right into the far side of goal - well away from their keeper who had no chance of reaching it - perfect.

Mane also looked to be back at the races, a menace to B'mouth's defence throughout and when VVD played a great through-ball to pick him out, Mane's finish was similarly excellent to Mo's. What an effort it was later in the game from him as well when he hit the post from about thirty yards out.

Really positive that M&M appear to have hit their stride just before the Atletico match and we will not mention that Bobby can't score for toffee at Anfield.

Cosy in bed with VAR

We're often accused of being LiVARpool and you can clearly see why: Bournemouth's early goal was a perfectly fair one and then VAR being biased toward LFC ruled it out. Sorry what am I saying, their goal was preceded by a clear as day foul which only a maniac wouldn't spot at the time (oops) never mind with the benefit of replays. Naturally then our 'friends' at VAR allowed it to stand.


Our lads can be cut some slack for not completely dominating the game due to injuries forcing a few changes and makeshift positional use. The main thing was we won and there was clear improvement which is exactly what we needed to see ahead of our Champions League fixture. Normally in the big matches we really step it up a gear and now we have an improved level from which to do so. Mane and Mo both lighting the afterburners again is brilliant as is the news Hendo's set to return.

All in all I think our stylus is back in it's record breaking groove and set to smash a few more. Talking of which, I'd like to see us beat the highest ever EPL points tally. To me that's a far better measure of performance and far more impressive than remaining unbeaten which can include lots of draws.

We still have a very good chance of beating City's record of 100 points but all that really matters at this point in time is that our beautiful Red train rolls right through Atletico, and it will.


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