If the league is abandoned should Liverpool be declared winners?

A simple question but with a huge amount of emotion and passion involved in the answer. If the league is at some point declared null and void with no further games having taken place, should we still be declared official winners of the 2019/20 Premier League season?

Likely controversial and I apologise in advance if my own view offends but hand on heart at this present time my gut feeling is no, we shouldn't be. My reasoning simply being that we haven't won it. Were we/hopefully are we nailed on winners, yes absolutely but until such time as it becomes mathematically certain, I don't see how we can be official title winners and in honesty don't want that.

I can't stress enough however what I do want: the season to be finished and us to win it properly which given the chance is exactly what we will do. Now on that 'given a chance' point, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be possible to play the remaining nine games. There are a multitude of ways in which that can be achieved but much will depend on how Covid19 progresses.

On that last note I also can't stress enough that is singly of most importance above all else and I know our red community will help each other through these difficult times as best we are able.

League wise though do people feel we've done enough to be awarded the title already, if so what should happen about other league considerations? Who goes up and down, who makes play-offs in the leagues below, who makes the CL, etc. Or should the powers that be just say we're giving Liverpool the title due to their current position/points but not applying any other league standings.

Understandably it sticks in the craw when people connected to other clubs say we shouldn't be awarded the title because we suspect them of ulterior motives but if we're honest after thirty years of waiting do we really want to be given the title in such a manor?

The only workable solution I can see is to finish the season. Failing that I'd rather it just remain a known that we'd near as makes no difference won it but I'm not sure having a trophy would feel right. I know people feel very strongly on this however and so whether you agree or disagree with me, after voting, please give your own views for consideration.

Best wishes and health to all, YNWA

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