Chelsea vs Liverpool | FA Cup Rd 5 - LBN Live Matchday

It's only been a few days since we got stung by the Hornets on the outskirts of London and now the boys will enter the very heart of plastic land (Lego Land's poor cousin) where they aim to redeem themselves against Lampard's formidable mixed bag of players, ranging from the young and almost talented to the not so young but equally not so talented.

There's not really any need to go into too much information about the London sewer dwellers as we're all aware Chelsea FC's sugar daddy owner bought them the title for a few years but has since grown bored with his toy and things now seem to have stagnated at Stanford Bridge.

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Zero doubt that old Frankie boy will play his strongest possible team, the big question is what will Klopp do? Our under 23's did the club and fans proud when they dispatched Shrewsbury in the previous round which was boycotted by our senior players and coaching staff, but does that entitle them to carry on in the competition?

My heart says hell yes they deserve the right.... alas the mind then replies nope we need to put a relativity strong team forward because being Champions of Europe, the World and EPL title holders is not enough. With that in mind I feel Klopp will field a stronger side, rotating to allow a few of the senior fringe players some pitch time but hopefully still include a couple of our under 23's as well.

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Ali, Robbie, Mati, Lovi, Arni, Fabi, Oxie, Wini, Jonsie, Origi (hmm), Ellie.
Subs: Adrian, VVD, Gomez, Salah, Mane, Mini, Naby

Liver Bird's score-cast: 1-3


Prediction League bonus points
How many years can a mountain exist, before it's washed to the sea? (2 points)
How many goals in total (2 points)
How many yellow cards for Chelsea (2 Points)
Name the song (5 points)
Get all four correct for a further 10 points!
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