***All English football suspended until at least April 3rd***

Hey all, I am going to fill this page in as the day goes but wanted to make us a blank canvas to discuss this news and all further developments.

First and foremost lets hope that the measures being taken are as effective as possible at reducing the number of people who will suffer from this virus.

From the beeb as of a few minutes ago:

"All Premier League games, EFL fixtures and matches in the FA Women's Super League and Women's Championship have been postponed.

The Premier League said action would resume on 4 April "subject to medical advice and conditions at the time".

Really bad news this peoples. Suspended until April 3rd but I think there's next to no chance of it resuming then or any time soon.

The peak of this virus is forecast to hit the UK in about four weeks time (mid April) so surely they'll not be lifting the suspension just days beforehand. The peak itself I think is expected to last about four weeks with high infection rates two weeks either side - that takes us till June.

Even if we enter the start of summer in a position where a suspension could be lifted there will be so many games and competitions to finish that with a new season not long off starting, I think it's far more likely they'll simply be abandoned.

All of the above is just my own take on things using what I remember from yesterday's government announcement but things seem very uncertain to say the least.

The main concern is that loss of life is minimised - that's really the only priority and only concern but as far as our league win goes let's just hope it doesn't become a Coronavirus casualty.
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