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Liverpool Football Club may not have won an English Premier League title for thirty years but we're now on the cusp of doing so in style. Something about our beloved club seems to dictate we're always involved in the extraordinary, from cup battles to league titles which will be remembered throughout the ages. With the current break in action lets take a look at some of the more memorable moments that have occurred and at the end of the article see if we can make a trip for Nesters to enjoy what will, after a trio of decades in the making be a massively iconic event.

First up, ISTANBUL - a game of legend and rightly so. 3-0 down at half time to one of the greatest AC Milan teams to grace the competition, many would've considered it to be all but over, indeed the commentators pretty much took that view. Then something quite magical happened. As our players returned to the pitch the travelling Kopites stood proud and sang one of the best renditions of You'll Never Walk Alone you'll ever hear. It had a real and tangible energy about it which lifted our players and told them: we are here and we support you no matter what. We will never waver and nor must you. The Liverpool way is to play our best to the final whistle and to coin a Kloppism 'to leave our hearts on the pitch.' That is what YNWA conveyed in that moment and boy did it work wonders.

The ref whistles to get the second half under way and with added energy from the crowd our captain fantastic, encapsulating all that is Liverpool, refuses to give up. Instead, grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck, he heads home the first of our come back goals and then encourages our fans to turn the volume all the way up to eleven. They duly oblige and with a Bing, Bang, Boom the full time whistle blows and it's 3-3. The game goes through extra time with some heart stopping moments which needed Dudek's safe hands and eventually reaches penalties.... Once more up steps The Polish Penetrator (cause of his ruthless stare). Carra has a Grobbelaar wobbly legs inspired idea and Dudek nails it, saving shots from Pirlo and then the one which won us the match from Shevchenko. Our lads burying (most) of their pens along the way and after what felt like an eternity, the miracle was complete. We were crowned European Champions for a 5th time in one of the greatest footballing comebacks the game had ever seen.

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Now let's jump forward a few years to 2019 and it's Champions League night again, this time at Anfield. No ordinary CL game though, it's the second leg of the semi finals and we find ourselves with a three goal deficit against one of the most star filled teams around. With the return of Suarez in a Barcelona FC shirt playing alongside one of the most overrated (according to some experts) players in Messi, it was going to need nothing short of another miracle for this LFC team, made of huff and puff players as well as missing their leading goal scorer, to overturn Barca's lead. Also with the added difficulty of knowing if Barca scored they'd gain an away goal advantage on top of their existing lead which would give them the win in the event it finished level on aggregate.

The crowd, Istanbul in their DNA, were boisterous and the atmosphere electric (if you got too close to the T.V. you'd get an electric shock) and this was before a ball had even been kicked. Without a shadow of a doubt this shell-shocked the Barca players. We're famed for big European nights at Anfield, Barca's players would have known this and indeed many had played at Anfield before but they could never of imagined an atmosphere quite like the one they'd just walked into.

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The stage was set and cometh the seventh minute cometh the Origi - Barcelona FC found themselves a goal behind and the determination and desire was evident across the face of every player in a red shirt as their thoughts oozed into the air "One down three to go. Lets do this!".  There were no additional goals in the first half however, Barcelona having somewhat found their grove but unable to break through our impenetrable defence and man mountain goalkeeper.

Dare we to dream. Could the second half echo that of Istanbul? Damn straight. Starting the second half as we did the first our Dutch hero Gini Wijnaldum slots home goal number two within the first nine minutes. Met with rapturous applause from Anfield and a kind of confusion about what was happening to them from the Barca players. Messi and Co must have really thought they were all in a nightmare when just two minutes later the unstoppable force that's Gini Winjinio bags another and brings us all equal on aggregate. Overrated Messi didn't know what had hit him, literally had no clue, turns out it was Robbo with a little love tap on the back of the head - welcome to Anfield Lionel.

With over thirty minutes still left on the clock could Liverpool FC do the unthinkable, the unbelievable, the unimaginable and claw their way back from three down to put Barcelona FC out of the CL 4-3? Surely not because we don't live in a life of fairy tales and magic, or do we?

There is no other way to describe the victorious goal than magical. Trent the local lad and only twenty years old showed wisdom and skill beyond his years and fired in "that cross" which allowed big game extraordinaire Divock Origi to get his second and LFC's fourth. Oh my what a night, the hairs still stand on end as I recollect this match and of course we went on to win the Champions League for the 6th time, followed by the Super League Cup and the Club World Cup.

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This brings us to our current position and record breaking season as we and everyone else awaits the inevitable of LFC being crowned Champions of England. Liverpool are the first team to hold a twenty-two point lead over their closest "rival" and haven't lost a single game in the PL since 10th March 2019. An astonishing feat even by our own miracle making standards.


Recreating Shankley's famous words, Klopp's men have won 100 points out of a possible 102, they  managed to get 61 points from the first 21 games of the season which scrubbed Manchester City's record of 59 points out of the record books. It's not just the team breaking records, Klopp has eased himself into the books with five Manager of the Month awards in a single season, and there's  still four months left to go. Now let's look at some records LFC could will break if as they maintain their unbeatable form (the numbers supplied were as of 01-02-20):

  • 100 points in a single season, held by Man City (2017/18);
  • 18 consecutive league wins, held my Man City (LFC are currently sitting on 16);
  • 20 consecutive EPL wins at a home ground, held by Man City (LFC are currently also on 20 I believe);
  • 49 PL matches unbeaten, held by Arsenal (LFC have 41 games);
  • 537 days unbeaten, Arsenal managed between May 2003 and October 2004, if LFC manage to end this season unbeaten they will over take this number.

WOW, it's just incredible what FSG and Klopp have achieved in the past three to five years. They've taken a club that was almost forced into receivership, unable to qualify for Europa League let alone Champions League, to one of the most financially stable clubs around the world. A club that's feared by all opposition and proudly holds the title of not only European Champions but World Champions to boot. This current batch of players aren't about breaking individual records but are working as an unstoppable collective on their way to winning LFC's first EPL title in thirty years, shattering numerous club records as they go.

It's a magnificent time to be an LFC supporter and what a way to announce to the world that the Liverbird is back up on it's perch. This brings around the most talked about subject at the moment: when will Liverpool FC be mathematically un-catchable and crowned EPL Champions for the 2019/2020 season? Well if Man City don't lose a match and neither do we then when we beat Palace at Anfield on the 21st March will be the moment no one will be able to surpass our points tally. In theory if City were to lose their next few games and LFC continue winning, we could be crowned Champions as early as 7th March when we're down at Bournemouth. Which Case says would be nice.

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Now we arrive at the biggest party of all time - the Open Top Bus Tour. Thirty years of pent up celebrations to be had. There's no set date at this point in time however there are rumours being muttered around town of the tour being delayed by weeks due to our ever successful team. The reason is that the club is trying to win back to back Champions Leagues, so it's possible that the EPL title celebrations won't be until the week before the CL's final.

Can you imagine that! We party like it's 1999 one day then the lads go and claim the CL Cup again and return for another party. Australia is too far for me to come but what I personally wouldn't give to be there for the EPL title celebrations and Open Top Bus tour and would like to see if any fellow Nester's are interested in making the journey to the City of Liverpool to partake in these festivities.

If there are Nester's who'd like to attend this history marking moment and want to give a shout out to others, no doubt a pre-organised trip could be whipped together so feel free to discuss that here if you like or you can use the Nest's email address ( as a point of communication and then Case can band all those interested together in a collective discussion. Either way whoever is going to be there are some lucky sons of  b*%&es. It is a time in footballing history that needs to be cherished and embraced by all and that includes the City itself.

During this joyous occasion, I think we all should also take a second and spare a thought and memory for those who aren't around to witness such a remarkable season. No doubt all those LFC fans have been watching over their beloved Redmen from above and enjoying every single minute just as we have - with us in spirit. Gone but never forgotten x

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