Liverpool make record transfer bid for Kai Havertz!

Reportedly. According to several reports such as this one we've made an initial bid of £104m for the twenty year old German. That would smash the £75m we paid for Virgil Van Dijk which is our current highest player purchase.

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Whether these reports which emanate from (allegedly respected) journalist Jan Aage Fjortoft are actually true remains to be seen but with Adam Lallana out of contract this summer we might need to bring in a premium player to fill the void. The question being, is Kai Havertz the right man for the job and should we be spending this much money on an attacking midfielder versus for example a Sancho or Timo shaped striker? Maybe we're going to go bat sh!t crazy and buy all three.

Tale of the tape: Havertz, born in easy to pronounce Aachen, Germany is twenty years old and has played for Bayer Leverkusen since 2014. Initially as part of their youth set up, progressing to their senior side in 2016. At just over six feet tall his main position is attacking midfield (centre) but he can also play central midfield as well as right winger and right attacking mid.

This season to date Kai's 'only' scored 7 goals and chipped in with a measly 2 assists in 28 appearances. Last season however he was able to provide 20 goals and 7 assists. Well that's not too shabby is it and quite a bit better than any of our own attacking mids, in fact probably more than all of them combined, times two.

Is Havertz a fit for us in playing style? According to this scouting report he's:

"A reflection of the new age German engineering, Havertz is a player who can carry the ball, as well as turn defence into attack in the blink of an eye."

"Blessed with a high footballing IQ, Havertz thrives in space and shows great versatility. A controller and ball carrier, who can be extremely useful in quick transitions."

Sold! Where do we sign? Sounds perfect and with Lallana and Shaq possibly leaving this summer, we could arguably - the jury's still out on Keita - do with a more creative type midfielder.

It's a yes from me in theory, think he'd add a lot to our locker although I'm not sure if he's worth the price or if we'd be better off trying to find a lesser known cheaper superstar in the making rather than an expensive ready made one. What do you think all?

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