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A great result in the end but we didn't make it easy on ourselves. Credit to West Ham who played a good open attacking game and if it wasn't for their keeper may have left Anfield with some points. As it stands we take all three but did Flappyhandski win us the match single handedly or did our own players play well for us too? Let's find out.

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Alisson (6.5) Clearly in need of a tune up from mentor Mignolet, it wasn't Alisson's finest performance. Could have done better for West Ham's first goal and looked uncharacteristically shaky throughout. Not at fault for their second though and courageously used his face to stop a late Iron's effort in the 87th minute but overall not up to his normal high standards.

Alexander-Arnold (9) MOTM performance. Barring one blip in the first half where a fluffed clearance led to a West Ham corner, which led to another corner, which led to them scoring, Trent was immaculate. Moments before the fluff he'd played Gini in for our opening goal and for the rest of the match he hit amazing crosses, cross field passes, free-kicks and generally drove our play forward. Got his second assist when good committed forward positioning in the 81st minute saw him able to tap the ball past Flappyhands to Mane, who promptly scored the winner for us.

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Gomez (6.5) Not Joe's best game. Possibly harsh to lay the blame for West Ham's first goal at his door but Diop was able to get in front of him for a free header. It was a great corner from The Irons though and similarly their second goal was the result of a great cross which split VVD and Gomez down the middle and allowed Fornals to score a well struck shot. Later Gomez played a nice ball out to Robbo who then found Salah for our second. All in all a mixed bag and perhaps feeling the pressure of Matip vying for a return to our starting eleven.

Van Dijk (7.5) More like it from Virgil, back to his imperious self. Looked calm and in control while pinging pinpoint long balls about and comfortably dealing with his defensive duties. Had a couple of decent headed efforts on goal as well, giving West Ham something to worry about from set pieces.

Robertson (8) Another of our players who looked much closer to his best again. Great in defence, linked up brilliantly with Mane going forward, played some excellent cross field balls to his counterpart. Topped things off with a nice dribble into West Ham's area where he picked out Salah, who with a little help from our good friend Flappy, made it an assist for our second.

Keita (6) Far from a great showing but I don't want to be too critical of Naby as he's not exactly had a lot of game time. So while most of our players have been gaining an instinctual understanding of each other's play, Naby does not have that. Meaning when he's dropped into a fast paced action packed game like last night's, he's bound to look a bit rusty and find it hard to influence things. However it doesn't normally take him long to get up to speed and on the score sheet. We must keep this in mind and also we are Liverpool - we support our players, not write them off and I hope Jurgen still affords Naby a decent amount of pitch time while Henderson's out.

Fabinho (7) Good from Fabs, solid you might say. I didn't see he was at fault for anything but also can't say as I was super impressed either. Did his job with the minimum of fuss as we've come to expect but I feel he's still not playing quite at full tilt.

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Wijnaldum (8) Good stuff from Gini. Our chief mopper upper. Get's goes, gives receives, wins recycles. Does all of that with aplomb and last night was no exception. Whenever I do the ratings though I'm always left thinking we'd like to see just that bit more from Gini in an attacking sense and in this game he duly obliged with a very nice headed goal. Can't ask for more.

Salah (8) Not bad from Mo, not bad at all. Sometimes a bit frustrating - his first touch letting him down on occasion as is often noted. He also ran into a few dead ends and lost possession as a result. At other times his first touch and dribbling were sublime which I feel can get lost in the mix and is perhaps worthy of more credit. A few decent efforts on goal culminating in a nicely struck, on the move ball, which he cleverly aimed straight through Flappy's Handskis and legs.

Firmino (6.5) From my notes: (first half) 'linked up well with Naby then shot ball over the bar'. (2nd half) 'Opening minutes Bobby shoots over the bar again.' '63rd minute - Bobby heads over the bar.' 'Late stages of game Bobby heads onto post from two inches out'. Yup, not the best day for our Bobby, no dazzling in sight and not as effectual in his defensive duties as normal. Pressure building due to a glut of goals at Anfield perhaps?

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Mane (8.5) Comfortably our best attacker on the night and in fact in general this season. Virtually every time Mane gets the ball, unlike Salah where it can be a bit of a lottery, he does something positive with it. Very rarely losing possession as Mo can do, Mane either holds the ball up and waits for support, plays some nice link up play with Robbo or drives directly into the opposition's area where he picks someone out, or has what is normally a very decent effort on goal himself. Did all of that throughout and was a constant nuisance for West Ham. Deserving of his match winning goal. We absolutely must not sell Mane this summer or any other summer.


Oxlade-Chamberlain (7.5) Came on for Keita at the 57th minute mark and made a difference. Far more attacking intent, purpose and confidence and if Keita isn't careful he'll see Ox become the favoured starting choice while Henderson is injured. Oxlade played some good football all round, driving forward, taking shots and linking up well with his team mates. Played a brilliant cross field ball to Robbo which led to Salah's goal.

Matip (n/a) Brought on in the 91st minute and while it was good to see him make an appearance it's not really enough pitch time to rate. I did note however that he gave away a free kick in the 95th minute right on the edge of our area. Thankfully nothing came of it and it will now be interesting to see if Matip can dislodge Gomez for a starting place alongside Virgil.

Klopp (8) Our win wasn't massively convincing but at the end of the day we did win it. Ox on for Keita was a much earlier substitution than we're used to seeing Jurgen make and I felt it had a positive impact. We finished the match with 70% possession, having taken 25 shots to West Ham's 7 and winning 16 corners to their 8. Can't really blame Jurgen for our lads not making the scoreline reflect those stats. Some of our players were poor on the night and to their credit West Ham were decent and scored two very nice goals. Overall Kloppo himself got things about spot on.

In conclusion: we're back to winning ways which is all that really matters and as I said on the match thread, I feel last night's game will have blown away the winter break cobwebs. We went behind but yet again proved you should never write us off. That will hopefully have restored our lad's belief in themselves and our amazing winning Red train rolls on..... Next stop, Watford.

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