Liverbird trumps Canary | Norwich 0-1 LFC - player ratings

Well if we're honest our return to action can hardly be described as back with a bang and perhaps that was to be expected. While some maniacs were predicting four nil and the like, the reality was always likely to be a somewhat tepid display after the winter break and so it proved. It's all about the win though and win it we did. How did our players perform individually you ask? I will tell you.

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Alisson: Superb from start to finish, at times single 'handedly' kept us from going behind. Not just great shot stopping but his distribution was excellent too. Even more impressive when you consider the foul weather he had to contend with. Swirling winds didn't stop him from throwing the ball out with pin point precision to start our attacks off. 9 MOTM

TAA: Not bad, not bad, not brilliant. As is often said of Trent he excels in attack but doesn't always match that in defence and today that was evident. In fact even in attack he wasn't quite at his best. Overall though a reasonable performance. Linked up well cross field with Robbo. 7

Gomez: Very good. Is starting to make it look as easy as the man next to him. Can't give much higher praise than that. 7.5

Van Dijk: What can you say, outwardly he just seems to jog about barely breaking a sweat but in actuality he's in permanent beast mode. Not too much to do today but did it well as always. 7.5

Robbo: Played well, he always does but it still feels like something isn't quite right. Maybe he's still nursing an injury of some sort? Solid in defence as we've come to expect but in attack he missed making a few runs and playing a few forward balls which were begging to be made. It could however simply be that he links up better with Mane than Ox. 7

Keita: Good attacking intent from Naby and made some nice driving runs toward their area, reminds me of Emre Can at times. Can't say as I noticed him do anything over and above though and that's what we want. Mind you he's low on pitch time and it'd be unfair to judge too harshly. Hopefully he'll get a decent run of games now and prove his worth - normally he sets about scoring goals fairly quickly so fingers crossed. 7

Hendo: Brilliant yet again from our captain. Surely there can be no doubters left as he proved once more just how good he is. Great drive, great leadership, great passing range. No surprise he was instrumental in our goal providing an assist for Mane. 8

Gini: Don't want to say I didn't notice Gini so will instead say he probably did a lot of good and important work which merits his inclusion. Seriously, I think he does do but am blowed if I can tell you what. In the first half I did notice him more involved in our attack than normal but not quite making it work. None of our attackers were doing though. 6.5

Salah: A curious case Salah, often called out for poor control and poor/shellfish decision making and while that is evident at times he also does a heck of a lot right and causes no end of problems for the opposing team's defence. As today, I also feel sometimes his touch and skill is sublime. First half he joins the list of players not quite hooking it up though. 7

Firmino: Sharp to start with but in the end as guilty as the rest of our attackers in not quite cutting the mustard. No lack of endeavour or work rate - things we've come to rely on from Bobby but you wonder if a more natural striker (Timo anyone?) would at times be a welcome addition. 7

Ox: Same as Naby, not going to be too harsh on Oxlade as he's lacking game time but I'm yet to be convinced he works well out on the left as a stand in for Mane and that poses a problem because neither does our other option Origi. Oxlade got himself about, harried and hassled, took the odd not convincing shot but overall didn't set the pitch alight. 6.5


Fabinho: Replaced Gini at the hour mark and did okay. We kept a clean sheet although Norwich did have their chances. I was hoping toward the end when it was still 0-0 that Fabinho might take one of his outrageous shots - the type he scored against City, and break the deadlock. Alas it wasn't to be and maybe like Gini he could offer a little more in attack at times. 7

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Mane: The main man Mane meticulous, meteoric, mesmerizing, magnificent, but not Mane of the match today. Close but pipped by Alisson and probably Hendo. Mane came on and scored just as Funkdoc advised Jurgen to have him do. He's noticeably better on the left than any of our other options and other players such as Robbo also don't play their best when he's missing. A short but sound game from Sadio. 8

Milner: Came on with just four minutes of normal time left. Great to see him back but not enough pitch time to rate. N/A


Klopp: I'm still not convinced that in-season warm weather breaks are a great idea. How can they be when the return destination is Blighty. Surely it's basic sense that warm to cold risks injury? That aside we looked jaded which weirdly is to be expected when returning from a re-energising break BUT we came through unscathed and just about got the win. Being that's really all that matters you have to say Kloppo got it plumb on. Perhaps with a slightly different line-up though we could have made it easier on ourselves. 7


BOOOOMMMMM!!! Another three points in the bag and the unstoppable, irrepressible, irresistible, insatiable winning train that is our bloomin brilliant Redmen, rolls on..... Next stop, Spain.

YNWA all
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