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This would have to be one of the most contention topics and issues in modern day football after the controversial Jay name changing saga. Has the FA gone technology mad and brought in a system that has a list of problems longer than the San Andreas Fault or are fans, pundits, players and managers just being over critical.

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Lets have a brief look at how VAR has impacted our magnificent game, so far VAR has had a direct affect on 63 incidents and goals. Every team with the exception of one has been directly affected by VAR in one way or another this season (if you can guess which team that is Case will throw 5 bonus points your way and if your not in the league and guess the correct team you can donate the points to me or any of the others).

Here is the breakdown of the Video Ref's involvement so far in the EPL (all data is gathered prior to match week 22):
  • 63 decisions Overturned
  • 17 have led to a goal
  • 34 led to a goal being disallowed
  • 10 penalties given (4 where missed)
  • 4 penalties to be retaken
  • 3 red cards given
  • 2 red cards rescinded
  • 24 goals cancelled due to offside
  • 7 goals left to stand after wrongfully given offside
  • 5 goals cancelled due to handball
  • 1 goal given for wrongful handball

The officials in charge of VAR on match days are currently restricted to what involvement they have in assisting the on-field official. As it stands they're only allowed to view goals, penalties, direct red cards and consider if the referee gives the wrong player a yellow or red card. They're not to look at any yellow cards even if it is a second yellow leading to a red card as well as any offence outside of the box unless a direct red is given.

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So now we've looked at the overview of what's occurred in the world of VAR, it's time to give and get thoughts on the matter, because opinions are just like ashholes, everyone's got one. Apart from OGS who has up to eleven to manage at a time.

Personally I don't understand the big revolt against VAR, it's the same ruling and technology for every team at every game so all games can be affected in the same manner. Whether that's because a player's shoelace is too long or he forgot to shave his armpit hair or he may be slightly happier with himself than he should be, the same ruling will be given to all. I believe it was Shaun that said this: the sooner pundits stop carrying on about a disallowed goal and go back to talking about the rest of the match that took place the sooner all the hoopla will disappear.

Now having said that, do I believe there should be changes in the off season, undoubtedly.  The FA need to sit down with some players, managers, officials and maybe a pundit or two and hash out what are everyone's concerns and where/how can the system be improved. Some suggestions that have been brought forward so far is to make the imaginary offside line thicker, take all other body parts out of the equation and make it feet only or even the whole body has to be in an offside position.

They also need to look at what powers VAR has over the on-field official, should they be able to overturn 'clear and obvious' yellow cards and even in my sentence there the terminology clear and obvious doesn't really provide a clear and obvious guide line. Overall though VAR should be and is making the game more equal by allowing the correct decision for the majority of the times, being given in relation to our current rules and regulations (albeit now down to the nearest mm). It is these rules and regulations that need to be looked at in order to simplify and speed up the process.

Is VAR good or bad?  Should VAR stay as it is, does it need to be tweaked or should it just be thrown in the bin with ManU's hopes and dreams of qualifying for the Champions League.

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