Time to paint the town Red | Liverpool v Everton FA Cup

It’s time we gave the EPL a rest as we now turn our attention to the illustrious FA Cup where we will be “challenged” by the ladies in blue. It's been exactly one month since we took Everton back to school in a 5-2 drumming at Anfield and since then Everton have brought in Ancelotti to see if he can bring them back to the upper half of the EPL table and even a rare piece of silverware.

We are nearing the end of a frantic period of football fixtures and what great timing it is to see a new face or two at Anfield. With the early return of Nat Phillips from his loan spell in the German 2nd division for Stuttgart where he made 11 appearances in the open half of the season. We also have our new Japanese super star Taki Mo who has been heavily rumoured to be making his debut tonight.

This game brings out the Jekyll and Hyde in me. As far as I'm concerned the FA Cup this year is just another fixture the players probably could do without and I wouldn’t be disappointed if we only won 4 trophies and not 5 this season. Then as the saying goes winning breeds winners also none of us like it when we lose and that increases when the opposition is Everton.

Once again we are left with the difficult task of figuring out which way Klopp will go with who takes to the field for this match because this will be our 11th match in 32 days but we do have a 6-day break afterwards. So lets look at the possible lineup:

Adrian, T2A, VBD, Gomez, Milner, Hendo, Jones, Lallana, Mane, Origi, Taki

Bench: Alisson, Williams, Phillips, Gini, Salah, Brewster, Elliott.


Prediction League bonus points
Which team will get the most yellow cards (2 points)
Which team will score first (2 points)
What will the final score be (2 points)
Get all three right for an extra 5 points
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