The Noughties Are Over, long live the Kenny

Welcome to 2020 to all TLBN readers and posters and let’s hope this year brings all those past and present TLBN community residence and their families good health and joyful times. Lets all take a deep breath as yet another year passes us by where there has been heart ache, love, sad times and laughter had by one all.


With a new decade comes a new dawning and rising from the ashes is the golden Liverbird carrying in its claws a Champions League Cup, Super Cup and World Club Cup. Whilst sitting high up on the revolutionary perch the Liverbird has a steely eye on the elusive EPL title as it prepares to swoop down and take it into it's vice like clutches in the very near future.

Before we begin our continued domination in World football of 2020 lets take a second to wonder back through the last decade or two and look at some of the faces to have graced our mighty club.  Some will be cringe worthy while some we will wish were still in a LFC shirt.

LFC began the century in fine form bringing home the treble under the tutelage of Gerard Houlier.  At the end of the 2000-01 season we added the UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup to our trophy chest. The squad that achieved this consisted of likes of Markus Babbel, Smicer, Fowler, Owen, Gerrard, Hyypia, Berger, well the list just goes on of great players.

We now jump forward 20 years and the squad hasn't got one single player left (what a surprise isn't it) but the winning ways are still here as we enter into a new decade the holders of 3 Cups yet again.

Between those dates there have been one or two good days but unfortunately too many bad ones as well with the likes of the following greats putting pen to paper Christian Poulsen, Aqualani, Gonzalez and Paul Konchesky. Oh I almost forget not only fan but fellow team mates favourite signing El-Hadji Diouf.  Then on the flip side we were graced and privileged to see the artistry from the likes of Xabi Alonso, Pepe Reina, Fernando Torres, Luis Nibbler Suarez, Gary McAllister (a wily old fox) and Peter Crouch just to name a few.

Now I put this to my fellow TLBN people who is first and foremost the most successful player since the turn of the century and secondly who is your favourite player during the same time period. The first part is a tricky one as what constitutes as successful, well that's for you to debate.
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