The Incredibles Vs The Wannabes - LFC Vs Manchester United

Well, well if it isn't that time of the season again where the Ref bribing (allegedly), title buying (allegedly), dive cheating (most definitely) team have to make a visit to the fortress known as Anfield. Liverpool's last two meetings with ManU have occurred at Old Trafford where Klopp has appeared to steer away from his usual tactics, which has resulted in a couple of draws. Now in many seasons gone by we would have taken a draw at United's ground but for some reason these matches felt a little underwhelming and over cautious from our illustrious manager.

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However the last time United made the trip to Anfield turned out to be Moarinho's fair well song to the tune of a 3-1 spanking. Another spanking is definitely in order (I have it under good authority that you can never have too many spankings, thanks Jay) but hopefully this time the manager will keep his job as it would be extremely upsetting to see Gollum no longer at United - pictured below keeping an eye out to see if Ed Woodward is coming for a meeting.

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The boys should really be up for this one cause not only have they had a seven day break to rest and prepare, plus the return of one or two key players from injury, but Manchester United are the only team to take any points off us in the EPL this season. In regards to returning players Fabinho is back to normal training with Matip and Lovren not far behind him, whilst Milner and Naby are still out with no set return dates given.

Other injury news: Manchester United maybe without their leading goal scorer, Rashford, who started on the bench in the FA Cup replay with Wolves before replacing Daniel James on the 64th minute. He then had the smallest of comings together with a Wolves player before he started to complain of back pains followed by leaving the grounds in the 80th minute. Maybe he's about to try and force a move to Barcelona.

This match up is one we all look forward to (especially since ManU's rapid decline), I am particularly interested to see the battle of the FB's. United have recently deployed two young speedy FB's who seem to be trying to emulate that of the two LFC FB's. I say trying as they are still well off the pace of T2A and Robbo but it will make for an interesting battle.

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The starting line up once again picks itself as Klopp will go with what he believes to be his strongest squad, the only place there will be a possible question over is who will Klopp choose between Lallana and Ox. It would be nice at some point during the match to see Taki Mo get a run alongside some of the senior players against "decent" opposition, but he might have to wait till next week.

Alisson, T2A, Gomez, VVD, Robertson, Henderson, Gini, Lallana, Mane, Firmino, Salah.
Bench: Adrian, Fabinho, Shaq, Ox, Origi, Minamino, Williams (might be Matip if he trains enough).


Prediction League bonus
How many goals will utd concede in the first half (2 points)
How many goals will utd concede in the second half (2 points)
To the nearest three, how many more shots on target will LFC finish the match on (2 points)
Bev special: who will score LFC's 4th goal (4 points)
Get all of the first three right for a further 15 points!
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