The Great LFC Centre Back Debate

The recent unfortunate injury to Marcus Rashford has got me thinking (too soon to use as part of a pun? Tough!). Our non-VVD center backs. Interesting bunch. All three are severely injury prone and yet their respective injuries and recoveries all tend to coincide perfectly. Matip and Lovren Injured? Gomez is back. Gomez and Lovren injured? Matip is back, etc. This has led to an interesting dynamic over the last couple of seasons where one of the three gets a prolonged run alongside VVD, for example currently it's Gomez, for most of 2019 it was Matip, and I believe it was Lovren during our 17/18 Champions League run. They all seem to do a job regardless. Is this due to VVD? Partly, especially if they're not 100% match fit, or are Lovren. (-;


My biggest interest here though is the odd position it puts us fans in. For me, I get used to Matip, or Lovren, or Gomez during their extended run and they become my second choice after VVD (yes, even Dejan ONCE). My opinion of them has become very fickle and interchangeable. I don't know if others experience this, but regardless it would be interesting to know people's ranking.

To stir the conversation, could you argue Gomez given the clean sheets we've picked up recently compared to when Matip was fit? Although by that metric ADRIAAAAAAAAN (sorry, force of habit) is a better keeper than Alisson.

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