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Another run of the mill victory dished out by our ever benevolent team. They had the opportunity to completely torture and humiliate a group of people but took the higher road and gave them the feeling of hope for as long as it was possible (93 minutes).

That's twenty wins and one draw from twenty-one games. Seven clean sheets in a row and Mo Salah's first goal against Varchester United who are now a staggering thirty points points behind us. To their credit they did their best to make a game of it and Ole Gunnar Solskjær, pictured below in his post match press conference, was gracious in defeat.

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It's truly an incredible time in history to be a Liverpool FC supporter, it's been way way too long in coming but now players to manager and all the way up to our owners are representing everything we hold dear to our hearts. FSG need to take praise for what they've created at Liverpool, we're back among the elite and our finances have never been in better standing. Now lets have look at this exceptional performance from the lads (the exception being our finishing).

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Alisson - I think Ref's will be checking his gloves during games from now on, it appears no matter how hard the opposition shoot, the ball just sticks in his vice like hands. Then his vision and passing ability is brilliant..... worth every penny plus some. An amazing assist to put the game to bed. 9

Trent - If I was his T2A's dad I'd be questioning Xabi Alonso about his whereabouts twenty-two years ago because the passing range on this young lad is unbelievable - very closely matching that of Xabi's. Another assist for Trent and his defensive game is slowly improving. A few wayward passes as well though particularly in the first half. 8

Gomez - A commenter at the Nest (can't remember who) said during the game, £80m for Maguire, haha give me Gomez any day of the week. The lad has speed, height, great awareness, is technically superb and slowly getting the physicality side into his game. It's going to be tough for Matip to get back into the team as Gomez is proving he deserves that #2 spot. 8

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Van Dijk - Cometh the hour cometh the mountain. Fourteen minutes into one of our toughest games he heads home a corner as if there's no one else in the box. Not only does he score he's imperious in our back-line. Balls in the air no problem VVD's got it, balls played through the "gap" all is good VVD whooshes in and gobbles them up, a player running through with the ball, Virgil has a yawn sticks his foot out and thank you very much. Just like Alisson, worth way more than we paid. 9

Robertson - The best all round LB the universe has seen. Traumatised Wan-Bissaka all game both offensively and defensively. The young Man United RWB didn't have a clue what to do or where to go. Robbo must be getting a little worried though as Trent is starting to pull away in their assist competition so he needs to get his passing and crossing boots back on. 7.5

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Henderson - A captain's performance once more, held the lads together with encouragement and gave bollockings when needed. Was unlucky not to get a goal himself when he rocketed the ball into their post. Hendo posed a threat going forward, protected our back line as if they were his little sister at Cancun on spring break and generally bossed the midfield. An outstanding performance and took home a share of the Nest's MOTM award. 9

Gini - Played some nice football going forward finding space between Mane and Robbo down our left side. Could have been a more clinical, but that applies to most of our attacking players. As usual our dirtiest player on the park, got in and around the ball disrupting United's rhythm early on. 7

Oxlade-Chamberlain - Still getting back to full fitness but managed to get around the pitch and cause Utd problems in attack and defence. Ox makes great runs that he may not receive a pass from but in doing so opens up spaces for Salah and Bobby which is just as good. Gives us that something different in the middle of the park going forward with his robust style of play - always popular against the likes of ManU. 7.5

Mane - Hard to be negative about any of our lads but Mane was sloppy at times. All our attackers missed chances but for me Mane's biggest sin was a defensive one. A long diagonal ball was played over the top of VVD and Robbo, and Mane the closest man just jogged after the ManU player with his hand in the air hoping for an offside call which never came. Luckily they were worse than us at finishing. Did though also cause a lot of problems for them down our left flank, Utd defenders didn't know where to look or go due to his wonderful vision and runs in behind them. 7

Bobby - The dazzler himself, if there were a Harlem Globe Trotters of football he would be in it.  You could be mistaken if you believed the ball was glued to his boot at one stage in the Utd box, he twisted and turned leaving one possibly two of their defenders on the floor wondering where the ball disappeared to. Was surprised to see him taken off as his defensive work from the front line is second to none, maybe he just ran out of steam if that's possible. 7.5

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Salah - FINALLY scores his first goal against Manchester United. Took him till the 93rd minute and with a wonderful assist from his own GK. We all know about Salah's first touch, it's rather disrespectful to even give it a name it's that bad, but it doesn't help that lately defenders have been riding him like a bucking bronco. If that was to occur on a dance floor people would be charged and Salah might have to take a pregnancy test. DBM stated it appears as though teams have figured out how to at least slow Mo down, not stop him but definitely slow his momentum. 8

Lallana - Came on for the Ox and seemed a little off the pace which may be expected coming into such a highly charged game. It was mentioned that he looked to be running through treacle, possibly some kind of Nivea product that had run from his hair. Wasn't his best performance but also nowhere near his worst. Provided fresh legs in the middle of the park when needed but also gave away some needless free kicks. 7

Origi and Fabinho - Came on for the last ten minutes. Both players ran around a bit with Fab putting in some good tackles out on our left but not much time to have any influence on the game. N/A

Klopp - Got things about plumb on. Possibly our midfield could have controlled the game better, certainly towards the end where we too easily gave up possession. It was a derby though, the biggest, and so we expect Utd to up their game. Also for the most part we were without Fabinho and in fairness the more attack minded side we started with could and probably should have killed the game off in the first half. Jurgen can't be blamed for poor finishing. 9

In summary, this season is turning into one to behold, giving fans the full spectrum of feelings it's possible to endure in the space of ninety minutes. The highs and excitement of early goals and constantly threatening to obliterate the opposition changing to utter panic and dread as the clock ticks down and we find ourselves still under the pump. As long as the end feeling is pure joy and euphoria we'll enjoy the roller coaster ride that is LFC's 2019/2020 English Premier League title charge.

A great result yesterday and the Red victory train rolls on..... Next stop, Wolverhampton.

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