Shrewsbury vs Liverpool | FA Cup fourth round

Hope you awesome people are having a good weekend and let's hope our team can add to the fun by shellacking Shrewsbury tomorrow. It shouldn't be difficult. Should it? The FA Cup is famed for it's giant slaying stories but it would be a failure of epic proportions if we were to lose this one.


Shrewsbury, whose name is derived from a small mole like mammal that buries underground - a close cousin of the wombal, play in the third tier league (one) where they currently sit sixteenth, so we should have zero problems dispatching them.

Other interesting pieces of trivia relating to Shrewsbury are their rather inventive nickname 'Salop' which means 'From Shropshire' and that between 1910 and 2007 they were based at Gay Meadow. Moving with the times they've since played at the more open and inclusive New Meadow. However being true shrews they do still get upset if you confuse them with treeshrews, otter shrews, elephant shrews, or the West Indies shrews, which are of course a member of the cricket species.

So now we know lots about Shrewsbury, what do we need to know about Liverpool? Not a lot I reckon. This is the team that beat Everton in the last round and I expect a similar line-up tomorrow.

Adrian, Williams, Phillips, Gomez, Milner, Lallana, Chirivella, Jones, Elliot, Minamino, Origi.

A fair case could be made to start even more of our youngsters for this match and it's exciting to see them. So far they've acquitted themselves well and those who start tomorrow will do so on merit. Jurgen may also take the opportunity to give Keita some pitch time as he's now back in training following his most recent injury.

These days the domestic cups have slipped well down the pecking order but personally I still love the FA Cup and really hope we progress. The last time we won it was 2005/06 so it's well overdue that we win it again. We're having the most incredible season and why not sprinkle some more magic on it with an FA Cup trophy. My score prediction for this one, 0-4!


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