Shrewsbury 2-2 Liverpool | The good, the bad and the ugly

Well what a load of crapola that was. Haven't the will to re-watch the match but the following is about how I see it. Saw it. Recall it.

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The good

Shrewsbury. Very well played to the Shrews, showed heart, passion and lots of desire - all the things we lacked. Very unlucky to stick the ball in the back of their own net, bit of a freak occurrence that but perhaps luck came their way in return when they were later awarded a penalty for a foul outside of the area. Overall they were deserving of the result and the replay at Anfield which will net them some decent revenue and who knows maybe they'll even win that one.

Our younger players were also pretty good. Not immense but okay enough for their ages. Jones scored another nice goal and looks a very exciting player for the future. Adrian was good as well.

The bad

Liverpool. Let's be honest overall we sucked. Other lesser teams were beating league one sides by six goals to nil and we turn up and stink the place out with that rubbish. Lovren - bad, Origi - really bad, Fabinho - bad. No fight in them whatsoever and should strongly consider donating some of yesterday's wages to charity. Fabinho and to a lesser extent Lovren okay we know they are otherwise pretty good or very good players. Origi though, sorry he's simply not good enough to be a Liverpool player. I mean this was Shrewsbury for goodness sake and he should be grabbing chances like this to shine, instead he does the opposite - minces about like it's beneath him and has what, one maybe two half hearted efforts at goal in the whole match. Terrible.

The ugly

Debatable this one but it might be a fair suggestion to say that Jurgen's attitude towards the FA Cup and in particular his post match comments stink. He's not going to manage the replay or provide any senior players at all. Hmmm, he says due to respecting the winter break but I'm not convinced some of his grapes didn't go sour. I will leave the clip for other's to judge. Overall though a game to forget.

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