Liverpool to sign Adama Traore?

Is something which we're reportedly interested (keenly) in doing. But we're not the only ones as both Barcalona and City are said to be keeping tabs on him as well. So no real competition.

Aadam, 23, has scored 5 goals for Wolves this season and created 7 assists. That's not too shabby and he looks to be a great player. Is he right for us though? Well he's a right winger who can also play right midfield so presumably could cover for Mo and possibly also go on to replace any one of Shaqiri, Lallana and maybe even The Ox.

Playing wise, he's strong, fast and skilled. He played 40 games in the 17/18 season, 36 in the 18/19 season and is currently on 31 in this one. That suggests he's pretty robust which is a quality many of our aforementioned players lack. In previous seasons he's also been used as a centre forward, second striker and left winger so there looks to be plenty of versatility and room for progression. He works hard for the team as a whole as well so it appears he ticks all the right boxes.

TransferMarkt list his current value as £25m although I suspect he'd cost more. Especially if we were to attempt a mid season purchase from a flying quite high Wolves team in which he plays a pivotal role. Still even at double that price he'd be a veritable bargain. Everything then is in his favour, lastly to ice the cake, he's Spanish and we have a great history with Spaniards - Alonso, Reina, Torres, Garcia. Enrique, Aspas, Moreno.... Here's a short clip of Traore in action to help us decide.

Yay or nay?
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