LFC Mechanics dismantle Moaners Bus | Spurs 0-1 LFC

Well that was a nail biter and an underwear changing game. No surprise Jose Mourinho's first topic in his interview was the throw in that was "missed" by the officials and led to our goal. Then it wasn't too long before he belittled VAR for not giving Robbo a Red card like they did to his dirty cheating Son. No matter how you want to spin it Mrs Moan your team weren't good enough to score, you had your chances and fluffed them. Answers on a postcard as to what Maureen was doing here.

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Moving hurriedly along lets have a quick or maybe not so quick synopsis on how our lads performed. It wasn't one of our best matches but still another three points which has netted us yet more records.

Alisson - Took a game or two to get back into his rhythm after injury but that's now six clean sheets on the trot. Something we last did fourteen years ago under Rafa. Alisson's reading of the game was on form, coming out sweeping a third of the way up the pitch and then holding onto some of those ferocious shots instead of parrying them back out into play was exquisite. 8

Trent - Just won December Player of the Month for both club and EPL. His crossing wasn't on point as much as usual today but I feel he was concentrating on the defensive side a little more as Spurs were dangerous on the counter attack. He provided cover once or twice for Gomez with some crucial interceptions and tackles. 7

Gomez - Not his best game of the season but he was targeted by the Spurs players. Joe before the match called it and said Spuds will try long balls over the top, and bingo their first bit of possession it's a long ball from the back third over the top where Gomez was rather unflattering and landed on his tuchus. Luckily VVD was there to mop it up. 7

VVD - Sean I'm going to steal your line here "VVD doesn't often slide tackle but when he does...".  My dogness when you see a defender sliding in on an attacker running into the box your heart goes into your mouth. VVD looked as casual and laid back going through the ball and player in that tackle as most dads after a Sunday dinner on the sofa. Really there aren't enough superlatives in Rodger's vocabulary to describe this beast. 8

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Robertson - Once again Robbo seemed off the pace to me, don't get me wrong even an off pace Robbo is better than any other LB. But there were times during the game it was a surprise not to see him further up the pitch, especially in the first half when there seemed to be acres of space for him.  Still some good tackles and balls into our front three and I wouldn't change him for anyone. 7

Henderson - Started the game slowly and almost cost a goal or two when he was caught on the ball by the speedy Son and Alli on two different occasions. Hendo slowly got into the game and started to hold the middle of the park well but it was never going to be easy against quality opposition. 7

Gini - Our dirty little bugger put in a good shift and linked up play between our back third and front third very well.  He seemed to lose a little steam around sixty odd minutes which left Robbo in a desperate situation once or twice on the counter. However Gini seemed to get his second wind, saw out the game strongly and could have got us a goal as well. 7

Ox - Not one of his finer performances but you couldn't expect too much first start back after injury and against a robust and tough bus defence and midfield. Had one or two opportunities to score and over hit a through ball or two but he was getting into the right places which was promising. 6

Mane - Was up against a debutant 20 year old that was built like a tank but with the speed of a road runner. In the first twenty minutes or so Mane made some lovely inward runs but unfortunately the team's passing was amiss in this game. Mane then tried to run directly at the young lad with some success drawing fouls but again nothing much came of it. 7

Salah - Didn't take him too long to get back into his slump. Has to be one of the most frustrating players to watch and play with. One second he has a touch like an elephant and then the next thing it's as if the ball is glued to his boot. Made some good opportunities but just not clinical enough to either make the decisive pass or shot. 6

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Firmino - We needed a goal and up steps our Brazilian maestro with a beautiful turn in the box followed by a well executed finish. However Bobby could be blamed for some short sighted play in that first half. On two occasions he had the ball at the edge of their box and T2A was screaming for it on the right in acres of space. Bobby was even facing that way and it would've been the simplest of balls to play. Both times he chose to turn back into trouble and play a no hope pass or shoot straight into defenders. As usual though had the work rate of a Clydesdale and was everywhere. 7.5


Lallana - Was brought on for the Ox and provided that little extra pressing and also helped Henderson out sweeping in front of our back four. Will be interesting to see if he gets a new contract or not as he has stepped up these last few weeks when needed. 7

Origi - OK I'm maybe not the most objective person to comment on Origi (sell him now, to anyone just sell him). He has great moments in a match, like his wonderful foot work that gave him a shooting chance. But when you're holding on to the game for dear life the odd moment is not enough. You need to be at the ball and making a difference all the time. He had fresh legs, he's young, somewhat fast as well being well built (I'm not referring to his poster).

This leads me to Origi's overall performance: shortly after coming on VVD chipped a free kick up to him; one would think he'd go toward that ball but nope he stands there waiting and a 20 year old in his first EPL game (who'd had to handle Mane all game) promptly bundles him to one side, takes the ball and puts Spurs on the attack. Fresh on the pitch and having just lost said ball Origi should bust a gut chasing back to help, nope it's a leisurely jog. He's given this club unbelievable moments which have won games and trophies, I'll never deny that but surely he needs to offer more. 5

Shaq - Ran on the field made one pass and one tackle I think. It's just good to see some of the senior players back to fitness. N/A

Once again a game that left us with squeaky chairs and hearts in mouth but the lads held on netting  us a sixteen point lead with a game in hand. There has been discussion about how soon we can win the EPL title mathematically. While it's completely uncertain which date it will be we have been able to narrow it down to end of March beginning of April, so here's the question: say we clinch the title as early as humanly possible what would you like to see happen. Keep in mind that we would at that stage have won our 3rd trophy of the season and have the FA Cup (hopefully) and CL to play for.

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