Is the 19/20 Premier League too easy? | LFC debate

Here we have Utd fanboy Mark 'Pink boots' Goldbridge, arguing 'this is quite comfortably the worst Premier League I've ever seen'. I'll attempt to challenge his claims for the glory of the Sontaran Empire Mighty Reds! Feel free to support me or Mark or neither, opinions are nothing if not diverse.

Watching from about 4:10 onwards (although you may find the whole clip of interest) Mark says that this easy league accusation 'takes nothing away from Liverpool' because we'd win in a typically good Premier League season anyway. But he knows as well as anyone (he even has a segment on this in the video) that we're breaking smashing records this year and vying to be recognised as the best champions of the Premier League era. Therefore let's say we go on to win the league invincible with 108 points. If it's considered 'quite comfortably the worst Premier League' then surely that diminishes the achievement, so people like Mark can say the 1999 United side was better because our record obliterating feats were due to other's poor quality, rather than our generational quality. So it could indeed take a lot away from Liverpool. With that established, let's continue.

On Norwich: 'I think they'd get relegated from the championship'. Hyperbole aside they only won it last season Mark. Beyond this his general argument is about quality and consistency. He says City have given up the title and we have no real challengers. Why have they given up the title? Because we've been relentlessly winning and they've dropped points. Not tonnes, but a fair chunk. Our amazing consistency has made the gap so vast, so quickly that City have buckled. They're still projected 79 points however, which in a normal season where the leaders end up around 10 points above 2nd, is a competitive points tally. OK, but we still have a huge gap rendering them non-competitive in the context of this season. That must be because of the poor opposition across the league then, surely?

Let's have a think. As Liverpool fans we've watched most, if not all our League matches. Have they been easy. Nope. We've scraped by time after time. This suggests decent opposition to the World Champions. The top 6? - filled up all European finalist places. Yes, they've all weakened since then I think we'd agree, but from an unprecedented initial level, and all teams are set to prosper in Europe yet again. Also look at the calibre of coaching currently. Klopp, Pep, Rodgers, Mourinho, Ancelloti. Even people like Nuno Espirito Santo and Chris Wilder deserve a mention. It's a league full of money and top quality coaching that is very competitive across the continent.

The money available to clubs now means that investment in facilities, coaches, sports science and players among the 'lower' teams is higher than ever, which explains why teams like United, full of complacency, are struggling. Teams like Chelsea are also dropping points to these well drilled outfits that are now dotted right throughout the league. As mentioned, we are finding most games tough as well. So to me, looking at all of this, the main reason we could break these records isn't due to a poor league, (in fact the league seems relatively strong) but our exceptional mentality.

Mentality monsters indeed. Sorry Mark, you've lost this one mate.

Now this is just one Nester's opinion, what do you guys think? Am I being fair. Do I make too many assumptions (definitely, but do you think they're fair assumptions)

Please leave your thoughts below.
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