Baby got back | Liverpool youth 1-0 Everton

Well not what any one of us expected, Klopp put a team out on the field yesterday that only had the chance to train together twice in the build up due to such short turn around between matches. Not only did they have limited time there seemed to be a limit on the number of players over 24.

When the line up was published there was a certain amount of pessimism amongst or posters, I'm not saying everyone was disappointed as some wanted a younger team to save our senior players for the EPL but hardly anyone expected us to come away with a win. By the end of the first half some of the lads had been decent but we were only in the game due to some heroic goalkeeping from Rocky's wife Adrian.

With the thought echoing through the community "It's only a matter of time before we concede". The young lads and a sprinkle of experienced players sure showed us wrong with an excellent display in the 2nd half which was topped off with a goal that will be in the dreams of Messi, Salah and Jay....

I'm not going to give players a score but more a small synopsis on their performance, but please let's see how everyone else saw the game unfold:

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Adrian: Several crucial saves in the first half, was the main reason we were still in the match at half time. His passing was spot on as well, he's turning out to be another crafty signing by the looks.

Neck Williams: I think we might have found our cover for T2A. This lad knows how to cross the ball, loves to have a shot and above all he can defend as well. He reads the game superbly making some great intercepts and timely challenges. As John stated, would be interested if he gets a call up to the Welsh team before his EPL debut.

Nat Phillips: Had a decent shift, some good headed clearances and tackles. He did however get caught out a few times with the long ball in the first half but as the game went on the better he got.

Gomez: Looked just as good with Nat next to him as he does when it's VVD. Kept his composure when on the ball and being pressured, and like Phillips the longer the game went on the more his confidence grew even making brilliant midfield splitting runs.

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Milner: 8 minutes in and his age caught up to him, too many games in a short period maybe but his injury provides the example why Klopp rested as many senior squad players as possible. Unknown the extent of his injury yet, Klopp stated it's a muscle injury and it's not good.

Larouci (sub): Came on just after 8 minutes and it took him a while to get into the game but like Neck we might just have cover for Robbo here. The lad had a decent pre-season before being struck down with injury. Larouci put in some solid runs and crosses and is also built like a tank which makes him hard to knock off the ball.

Chirivella: This lad hasn't had the best of time at LFC so far but he stepped up big time in this game. He played the holding midfielder extremely well, broke up Everton's attack on multiple occasions and played some good passes to get our attack started.

Lallana: I'm not his biggest fan and still think this is his fair well tour, but these last few appearances he's probably been the best we've seen of him in an LFC shirt. Last night he showed composure when needed and that turbo press when called for (and sometimes when not called for, Klopp had to tell him to slow down in the final minutes of the first half). Lallana led the young players with his experience (a little restraint too as some of them wanted to be choked out). One of the best on the field.

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Jones: MOTM not only for the goal that left the England #1 flapping in the air as the ball travelled over 20 yards catching the under side of the cross bar and rippling the net. Jones' work rate was brilliant providing an outlet for our defenders and DM's. This lad maybe ready to be a squad player and is still only 18 years old, but probably could do with a stint out on loan. What a dream for the young Liverpudlian.

Origi: It's no surprise to anyone to say I'm not the biggest fan of this lad. He is one of the most frustrating players, he plays some great balls through for team mates and can turn on a dime to get a lethal shot away. But if you blink the next thing you will see is a player who gives the ball away and losses headers to opposition players that don't even come up to his armpits. Good game but expect more from him when playing with academy players.

Minamini (Talk Mo): Couldn't expect too much on his debut playing with our reserve reserves. When he was on the ball showed some good touches and allot of promise. If people are expecting to see another Bobby though they should think again. I also think Klopp could have altered the set up and had Origi in the middle which may have helped Taki. Still excited to see him mix it up with our first team players.

Elliott: Has never failed to impress in every one one of his senior games. This 16 year old is going to be a beast in years to come. Great passing range displayed, solid on the ball especially for a 16yr old with some senior Everton players having trouble knocking him off the ball.

Other subs:

Oxlade-Chamberlain: A surprise inclusion in the squad but a good one. Ox had only managed to train twice prior to this game since his injury which we thought would keep him out for a little longer. Once on the pitch the Ox provided his usual high intensity and pressing, even managing a shot or two. It's good too see him back with a few tough games coming up and Naby out.

Brewster: Ran on the field with about 10 minutes, didn't really see him after that. A loan period will do this lad a world of good I think.

Klopp: probably could hear all the moaning and groaning coming from every corner of the planet. Well I guess Shankley and Klopp are right with there's only 2 teams on Merseyside Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves as Klopp's academy team with a couple of senior squad players knocked out one of the strongest teams Ancelotti could have fielded. So tip of my hat to you good sir cause this risk came up trumps with the only downside being Milner's injury.

We now have a six day break before we take on Spurs who drew to Middlesbrough.

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