Liverpool, our captain is a deserved one

Article by Romper

I have never been a huge fan of Hendo, I never doubted his heart but his skill. I will give credit where it is deserved he has endured probably one of the most rockiest captaincy in LFC that I know of but he continued on his way through fans moaning and media quips about him.... Now he is one of our most successful captains ever and I read somewhere Hendo has won more trophies in the last 6 months than the last 3 ManU captains... so a tip of the hat to the old chap and for all things Liverpool I am always - YNWA. Always.

Maybe I have changed my mind, maybe I just see what is happening with our captain Henderson in charge and I enjoy it.

Maybe Costa made a mistake.

I don't want to influence the discussion so you decide. Henderson, a truly great Liverpool captain?

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