Liverpool about to make it big in Japan?

Sorry gents no ratings for the Salzburg game - I can only do those if I re-watch the match and don't have the laptop battery power spare. Please list your own ratings below though for us to discuss.

For this article however - exciting news just in which involves Salzburg. Unsurprisingly with silly season soon to begin once more we're now going to be linked with any player who puts in a good performance against us. Today that player is Takumi Minamino.

I know right, we should sign him just for the cool name, the fact he's reportedly available with a release clause of just £7.25m only adds to that appeal. Apparently reliable journo (does such a thing exist?) Paul Joyce states that Jurgen Klopp is the driving force behind our interest in the Japanese twenty-four year old.

A further report here by Melissa Reddy suggests Liverpool have already agreed a deal in principle. So if the news is to be believed, are we happy about it? I think so and for the following reasons.

He's cheap like the budgie so there's very little risk, Minamino can play along any of the front spots as well as no.10. Has a very good work like attitude which would fit us well, is technically skilled which also would and he's just about to hit his peak years. He'd surely improve with us to be an even more fantastic player. He's a big star in the Far East as well which opens up those markets for us.

Minamino's stats this season so far are: 22 games, 9 goals and 11 assitts. What do we think then folks, yay or nay?

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