League leading World & European Champions 1-0 Wolves | Game analysis

Boom! back of the net, another three points. Not the most exciting match but we did the necessary and now sit a lofty thirteen points clear at the top of the table, with a game in hand. I think at least begrudgingly we'd have taken that before the season's start.

No ratings as such but the way I saw the game was as follows: Alisson was pretty decent and made an important save or two. VVD and Robbo looked like they'd had too much Christmas pudding. Gomez was excellent, TAA was quite good, our midfield were fair to middling but with VVD's superb long pass and some great control from Lallana, Mane scored a fine goal. Other than that our attack was industrious but lacked end product.

VAR was the main talking point and I have to say after watching the two incidents back on MOTD, I feel Wolves have a fair case to feel aggrieved. Our own goal, VAR was spot on, it was one. Their goal who the heck knows? It may have been, it may not but VAR certainly didn't answer that question.

The BBC pundits made valid points: we're talking about millimetres, frames per second of video footage and split seconds in time as to when the still image is taken which they have to (I believe) use human judgement for. I don't think a human's capable of getting that right using tools which don't seem precise enough for the job.

How do we know they picked a still image from the exact split second the ball was struck? It might not even have been recorded in one of the limited frames per second of video they're reliant on.

VAR in regard to offside is in my view a giant mess and they should either overhaul it or simply stop using it for offside, go back to relying on the linesmen who, again according to the beeb, were running pre-VAR at 97% correctness in their calls. I guess it boils down to us living by the VAR offside sword but only if we're prepared to die by it at times as well.

We now have a very tough run of fixtures to get through in January, starting with Sheffield Utd who will be no pushovers. We also have to get through January without Matip, Fabinho, Shaqiri, Ox and Lovren. Good news though is Minamino will be available to play for not our next game but the one after against Everton in the FA Cup - can't wait to see how he gets on.

Here are Jurgen's post match thoughts on our victory over Wolves.

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