In a cinema not so far far away

By great demand we take a break from the monotony of winning every trophy possible and take the time to have a serious and intellectual discussion.

DISCLAIMER: Those who don’t want to read talk or know anything about the new Star wars movie I suggest you return to the other thread and let the geeks Warsies have their debate.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker…. Was it a great triumph, a plundering disaster that belongs in the bowels of the Sarlacc or was it just another movie.


The Star Wars story was brought to us by George Lucas back in 1977 and just like any good story it began a third of the way through with Episode IV, bolstering a budget of 11 million USD and it has raked in 775.4 million USD at the Box Office. We jump forward 42 years for the final release in the Star Wars saga, Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywaker with a budget of 250-300 million USD while bringing in 177.3 million USD in it’s opening weekend in the Box office. The much anticipated block buster has been met with a wide range of emotion, criticism and accolades.

So let’s see where the community of TLBN stands on the finale of one of the longest running sagas in Box Office history.

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