Bournemouth vs Liverpool

As a reward for beating Everton so handsomely the whole team are getting aboard the charabanc for a well deserved trip to the seaside and a kickabout on the sand at Bournemouth.

You think of Bournemouth as a sleepy seaside resort, full of dignified pensioners and ideal for a nice quiet retirement. Then you find out the football club has been infiltrated by a Russian oligarch and fallen foul of the FFP rules in order to get promoted to the EPL in 2014/15. Of course they got away with only a fine and even that was later reduced on appeal. Clearly we have the best football administrators "money can buy" in the FA. Complete with their motto "football, safe in our hands" .……….

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Team: Mignolet, Robbo, VVD, Gomez, TAA, Hendo, Ox, Gini, Origi, Mane, Shaq


PL bonus questions:
1. 1st LFC goalscorer (1pt forward, 2pt Midfielder, 3pt Defender)
2. LFC player with the most completed passes
3. 2nd LFC player brought on as a substitute
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