Bournemouth 0-3 Liverpool | Player ratings

Another fantastic result and it will be interesting to see how our players rated, first a short foreword: For those of our community hopefully still looking in, please don't wander too far from the nest. I accept full responsibility for causing the present situation and I do mean full responsibility. In time I'll make a full apology. I've let everyone here down as well as those watching on from above and there's not enough room to properly say sorry in a paragraph or two. I am deeply sorry though.

What I want to make clear is that no one is happy with how things are, least of all me. I'm going to do my best to keep the articles coming and things ticking over, during which I may appear jovial in my comments but that is only a surface expression. The last thing I want to do is cause another heated debate but I felt it important to say this. Also important is that there's still some discussion taking place off site with a view toward fixing things. I don't know if it will prove successful and don't want to pre-empt any of it but I remain eternally hopeful. With that said let's see how our Redmen got on.

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Alisson - (7) Very little to do for Alisson and in a match where he does nothing wrong and keeps a clean sheet, one could perhaps say he'd had a perfect ten game. With just twenty-six percent possession and zero shots on target from Bournemouth though a seven seems about right.

Gomez - (7.5) I thought Gomez had a decent game. Played pretty well out in TAA's normal position, better than he's previously been doing and though still not at the aforementioned high level he put in some nice crosses and defended well. Later due to Lovren's injury forcing a change Gomez was moved to CB where he continued to play well.

Lovren - (7) Would have scored a seven and a half but unfortunately only played forty minutes before having to be subbed off with what Jurgen has since said doesn't seem too serious and may have been cramp. Sensibly we didn't take any chances. Lovren had played well up till that point.

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Van Dijk - (8) Someone recently posted that VVD seems to be back to his amazing best and I have to agree. Scored twice in our last game and was an absolute rock in this one. As always does his duties with seemingly no stress at all. The commentators described him as a Rolls Royce of a defender and that's about right, they also mentioned he's only missed one league game in nearly two years which is amazing but also a bit of a worry cover wise. Should have won the Ballon d'Or.

Robertson - (7.5) Initially I felt Robbo may have been a tiny bit off his normal high standard but as the game progressed I thought you just cannot fault this guy, every aspect of the game he does it superbly and consistently so. The man is a machine - defence yep, you can try and beat him but you've not a cat in hell's chance of succeeding and going forward he's an absolute nightmare for the opposition. No better way I can think of to describe it. An assist would have seen him rated higher but that's credit to the very high bar he's set.

Keita - (8.5) There he is! there's our Naby, back with a bang and if he can keep playing like that I don't think any one would argue that it's been well worth the wait. He may not offer quite as much defensively as some of our other options but what he does do time and again is pick the ball up in central midfield and then drive it forward straight toward goal. That's exactly what he did to set Salah up for our third goal with a defence splitting pass. Also linked up well with Salah earlier on to score our second goal himself after a very nice one two - the two part being an exquisite back heel return from Mo which Naby used to score with very nicely. MOTM.

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Henderson - (8) Another very good game from our captain with more of his excellent passing on show, especially his long range efforts, one of which was an absolute beaut which Oxlade-Chamberlain promptly converted into our first goal. A fantastic and well deserved assist and that wasn't all, Hendo along with Milner did a lot of vital defensive work.

Milner - (7.5) As just mentioned Milner did some great defensive work and like VVD, I'd describe him as a Rolls Royce of a player. He's just so dependably good. No matter how brief his pitch time may be it matters not - whenever he's called upon he seamlessly makes things work. He does all the basics to a consistently high standard. Tackles, interceptions, crosses, passing, all of it well and all was on show in this match as well as his in-game nous. Invaluable.

Salah - (8.5) A goal and an assist alongside lots of great play cannot be too bad can it and even so there's still room for improvement. Mo was perhaps not his very best but does it even matter. Who would not give their right arm to have a player who scores and assists and has room to do more. Much closer to the Mo we know. Joint MOTM.

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Firmino - (7) Never is there a game where I think Firmino has been terrible and he certainly wasn't in this one. As always he can be found popping up in the middle of the pitch and winning us the ball which cannot be underestimated in importance. He always worries the opposition defence too and that has a positive impact. With three efforts on goal however I'd liked to have seen him do a little bit better and an assist never hurts either.

Oxlade-Chamberlain - (8) I didn't think The Ox was quite as lively as in our previous game, he did get the opener though and that's always massive. He put us on the right footing and continued to make an impact throughout. On another day he'd probably score more which is great to look forward to.


Alexander-Arnold - (7.5) Above I described how I felt Gomez was playing pretty well at RB but when injury forced a change and saw TAA restored to that position there was a noticeable improvement. Not limited to more cross field balls being played and us making more use of the full width of the pitch but that was certainly one thing which got better. Our crossing into the box and all round right sided attack did too. Very good as always from Trent.

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Jones - (7.5) Great to see the young Liverpudlian take to the field and even judging by senior player standards, I thought he looked very bright and was particularly impressed with his confidence and movement. He used both those things to get himself into really good positions and was screaming to be played in for a shot at goal. With only minutes left in the match Shaq played a fantastic pass to him and the dream could have been realised but alas Jones' shot was miss hit. Looks very promising and along with Trent it's great to see local lads making it to our first team.

Shaqiri - (n/a) With just minutes of the match left to play it's not possible to rate Shaq but I loved the aforementioned pass to set up Jones. Not only was it a difficult one done to perfection but it was also deftly disguised which threw Bournemouth's defence. There's a great player in Shaq and hopefully now we'll see him more often.


An 8.5 for Kloppo. Using our full squad and using it well. Winning by three and with a clean sheet suggests he got things spot on although Bournemouth really did make it easy for us. For most of the first half they just sat back and gave us a tonne of room and though they became a little more industrious as the game wore on they were never any real threat. Much of the game was akin to a training ground match. Still you can only beat what's put in front of you and we did so very well.

Bonus ratings

Our overall team passing - (10)

Our away fans - (11)

Just two days now till we play Salzburg away in an important Champions League game. We're in really good form with our entire squad stepping up to the mark and should be able to win it. Going forward we need a bit of luck on the injury front, especially so in defence. All in all though the job is looking to be a winning one and long may that continue.

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