Boom! back of the net, welcome to Liverpool Takumi Minamino

Wahoooo, it's official we've signed Minaminio. Great news. Looks to be a very exciting young player and one who can play multiple attacking roles. In his own words as per the BBC "It has been a dream, my dream to become a Liverpool player,"  Good lad, I think we're going to get on well.

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So what do we know? Not a whole damn lot but about Takumi Minamino we know this much at least: He was born in 1995 which makes him ridiculously young (24) and in a place called Izumisano, Japan. I haven't checked but believe this is our first ever Japanese player and I think that as well as his obvious talent makes this signing a very good one. I can't see a price paid anywhere but even if it's triple the reported £7.25m release clause it will be a bargain.

Really look forward to seeing him in action and in the meantime we can enjoy a few clips. Is Minamino going to become a main first teamer and potentially replace someone about to leave us in the summer or will he be a squad/cover player. Please leave your thoughts below.

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