Woy's Wovers 1-2 Liverpool | Lucky or deserved?

Afternoon all, hope folks are well. Just a brief piece to consider yesterday's game: were we good, bad, or just plain ugly and were we fortunate or did we create our own luck. These things and more are all words which I'm including in this article.

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The first thing to do is congratulate Andros Townsend on his hair. Simply magnificent and something we ourselves have not been blessed with since young Emre left. On the day it wasn't enough for Palace and we managed to grab yet another three points. I use the word grab intentionally because let's be honest Palace probably deserved more than they got. In my opinion we were lucky. Very.

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Palace had multiple good chances which they lashed up. Had they not have done we might have dropped not just two points but even all three. They also had a goal disallowed for a push on Lovren which again was fortunate for us in the extreme. I'm not convinced the goal should have been struck off as I doubt Lovren would have reached the ball to block it's path to their player anyway.

All in all Palace could have easily scored more than the one goal and when you shine the light on our own performance you have to say our second goal was more than a touch fortunate. Pure pinball with it ending at Firmino's feet and him finding the net. Very lucky for that to happen and with just minutes left in the game I think we were fluky to finish as winners.

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Yesterday was far from the first time we've had that sort of a game, we keep having to come from behind, no Jay, and we keep leaving it until the last moments in matches to do so. The law of averages alone suggests if we continue repeating this pattern we will drop points sooner or later.

How worried by our middling form should we be? Our defence is simply not as good as it was last season, nor is our attack and our midfield as ever is lacking creativity. Also in yesterday's game as noted by Hawthorn, the playing Ox as part of a front three experiment didn't really work either.

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Points which seem fair defence: our lads were just back from international duties where as noted by Jurgen in his below attached press conference they all play different styles and tactics to those they then have to revert to for us. Matip is still out and Lovren simply isn't as good, therefore our defence won't be either. Salah was being rested so our attack suffered a bit as a result which is to be expected.

Somehow however with all the given fair reasoning, I still feel we've been playing below par for a good part of this season and do feel some concern that we are vulnerable to dropping points. Fortunately we've already scored so bloomin many of them that we could conceivably afford to.

What do people think, am I right to be worried, if so how much or are we actually managing our busy fixture schedule pretty well and everything is tickety-boo.

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