Villa v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

G'day mates, welcome to the match thread for our trip to Villa. Regarding match threads, Romper has mentioned he's experiencing Disqus related issues and suggested if we're able to publish them closer to kick off it might help to keep the post count down and reduce the bugs. I think we're all plagued by these Disqus gremlins and so that seems a good idea.

Traditionally we've posted match articles quite far ahead of kick off to afford posters from varying time zones room to get their Prediction League answers in. If we could find a way to satisfy both considerations then to me it would make sense. Views on this would be appreciated and hopefully we'll come up with a solution which benefits all. For now though, back to the matter in hand....

Despite their lowly league position Villa have been causing their opponents problems. As I recall they were even holding out pretty well at the Etihad before it all went the way of the pear. Nevertheless this is a game we should be winning and we've absolutely zero excuses not to. How about injuries though, what do we know on that front?

Well, Naby Keita is subject to a late fitness test. That suggests we won't risk him. We don't really need to force the issue and so I can't see why we would. Matip is still out for a number of weeks. Fabinho isn't injured but faces a possible suspension so it's debatable whether Jurgen will risk him.

Other than that I think we're sitting pretty but who knows what's going on with Shaqiri. The line for a while has been that he's suffering a calf issue, people aren't even asking about him any more though and there are now rumours West Ham are looking to sign him.

Anyway if we say Keita won't play, Fabinho will be tactically withdrawn, and that with no Shaqiri our normal front three pick themselves, we are probably looking at the following line-up.

I've gone for Gomez instead of Lovren but could see either one starting. I can't think of many differing options to below. Lallana could start but it doesn't seem that likely.


And here's Jurgen's pre-match thoughts. Not had chance to listen yet, I will speak with him later anyway to advise on team selection but perhaps you guys may hear some points of note.

Mr prediction for this particular match,



Prediction League bonus questions:

Which letter will the first goal scorer of the match's (first) name begin with.
Will Liverpool have an even or odd number of corners.
Will Liverpool win lose or draw.
DaBandit bonus special worth 4 points, who will score the 4th LFC goal.
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