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Well that was a game to ease those rising blood pressures. Haha almost felt cruel, and I want to say very well played to Villa. Lots of credit to them, they harried and harassed us to within and inch of our lives. They pressed us relentlessly, winning possession numerous times in our own half and they used that possession to be a goal threat throughout. Ultimately however we stuck with it and yet again demonstrated league winning credentials as we turned the game on it's head and finished as winners. Lets see how each of our players faired individually.

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I'll just include the caveat that I missed much of the first half due to fiddling with streams, as well as the fact I'm terrible at player assessments.

Alisson - 7.5 I could be wrong here but the way I recall it is he didn't really have a great deal to do and was perhaps not the best for Villa's goal but crucially during the later stages of the game, I think he came well off his line at least twice to deal with dangerous situations, and did so effectively. That was a big help when we were busy throwing bodies forward at the other end.

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T2A - 8 This score may be a touch high because during the first half some of Trent's crossing wasn't as accurate as one might have hoped but in the second half he grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck and was influential in steering it the right way. Culminating in delivering a cross which Mane headed home for the winner.

Lovren - 7 Not too much to note here. Others maybe saw more but I can't say as I noticed Lovren a great deal through the game. That isn't necessarily a bad thing and we only conceded one goal so I'm going to say he must have played reasonably well.

Van Dijk - 7.5 Calm and collected as always. Won a fair few heading duals and also 'nudged' a fair few Villa players off the ball and away from dangerous situations.

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Robertson - 8.5 A similar kind of game to Trent, ran enough to embarrass the Duracell bunny in the first half and did lots of solid defensive work as normal but was a little lacking in attack. Second half though, pow! right in the kisser! I'm giving Robbo TLBN MOTM for scoring the goal which broke Villa hearts and minds and put us right back on course to winning ways. Sheer bloodymindedness from Robbo to make things happen and happen they did.

Henderson - 6 Sorry Hendinio, love you to bits, great captain and in my view an all too often vastly underrated player but you've looked jaded of late and today was no exception. Too many wayward passes, one especially where Mo was in a great goal scoring position all ready to receive what should have been an easy pass. Not to worry though, we all have our off days.

Lallana - 6 Sorry Lanaldo, great hair, great skin, do a lot of good work for charity but today you didn't do a lot of good work for us. Actually you did do a lot of work but as is often the criticism against you, you lacked that extra edge which is needed at the level we're trying to play at to make things happen and change games. Maybe I'm under estimating the importance of Adam's donkey work today?

Winjinio, o o oh dear - 6 Sorry Gene Gini, I barely noticed you on the pitch at all today. That may sound flippant but it's honest. I'm very open to others pointing out good work I may have missed but I simply can't rate for things I didn't see.

Salah - hmmm - 7 That will do for you Mo. Might even be a bit generous. Didn't notice much more of you than I did Gini to be honest and like all of our attackers, in the first half you were woeful. You were involved though and more so in the second half.

Firmino - 7 Again another who was pretty dog awful in the first half, wayward in possession, inaccurate in passing, is that the same thing? Anyway, not good enough. Better in the second half but not by much. Stay behind and practice before going home.

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Mane - 8.49 Would have been a 7 too but after a similarly poor first half as Mo and Bobby, Mane pulled it out the fire with an assist and a goal. Can't do much more than that. Superb. Could have let his head drop but didn't, instead did what good players do, dug deep and got the job done.


Keita - Nil poi. Came on in the 85th minute. Would be unfair to score him either which way.

Origi - 6.5 Can't say as I noticed a tonne of impact from Divock but he was doing enough to unsettle the Villa defence and that is worthy in itself.

Ox - 7 Came on had three shots within 0.001 of a second. That most certainly unsettled Villa's defence and it really did. You could see them start flapping and including Divock, Jurgen's subs paid off handsomely.


8 for our manager today. In deviating slightly from the line-up I'd advised, I'm not convinced he got the starting eleven quite right BUT his hand was somewhat forced with things like Fabinho's card situation to take into account as well the fact it was perhaps too big a risk to start either The Ox or The Naby. All in all Jurgen can't have been far off the mark because we created plenty of chances even in the first half and you can't hold the manager accountable for our attackers messing them all up. Our subs also clearly changed the game and along with the renewed energy our other players had already been showing in the second half we eventually broke Villa down and got our rewards.

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All in all a jolly good game. As I started out - credit to Villa but in closing - credit to us too. Make no mistake the way we keep on winning games that aren't favouring us to do so is no fluke. We're a superb team with a superb team ethic and it's paying huge dividends. Onwards we go, still, as League Leaders Liverpool.

To each and every poster here and all our friends connected with this site both past, present, away for hopefully not too long and of course watching from above, YNWA

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