The Greatest ever Liverpool - Left Back (Fan poll)

As with the Right Backs, the Left Back position has evolved over the years. Initially the hard men of the team, whose sole job was to stop the tricky wingers. Now they are expected to be providing the bullets for the strikers.

We've been blessed with a multitude of Left Backs, all displaying different skills. Hard men, right footers, attackers and captains. All have played with courage which has made the task of reducing the list down to just 10 a difficult one.

Below are some stats related to the Left Backs to wear the red shirt of Liverpool FC.

D1 = First Tier League Title. D2 = Second Tier League Title. FA = FA Cup. LC = League Cup. E = European Cups. O = Other Cups.

Steve Staunton - A much loved player who was known as Stan, once scoring a Hat trick against Wigan Athletic. Was very versatile and our second most capped full back. Was released due to restrictions on oversea players, but was brought back into the club when rules changed.

Thomas Bromilow Liverpool Left Back

Thomas Bromilow -
A local lad who became the first Scouser to Captain The Reds, and was part of the double title winning side of the 1920's. Got a trial for the club by literally walking into Anfield, knocking on the door and asking. Was known as being the "Brains of the Outfit"

Gerry Byrne (right) breaks his collarbone in 1965 FA Cup final. Liverpool win it 2-1 vs Leeds.

Gerry Byrne -
A true hard man, famous for having his collar bone broken in the 1965 FA Cup Final, but in a time when substitutes were not permitted he continued, providing a vital assist to help us to our first FA Cup. Also played with a dislocated elbow against Celtic the year later. Was also part of the England side that won the World Cup.

Billy Dunlop - Part of the Liverpool team that got the ball rolling, by winning the then Division 1 title in 1900/01, winning 2 Division 1 & 2 Division 2 titles with the club. Was described as being 'Fully committed" and "Not subtle" which given the time doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Alec Lindsay - Was brought to the club by accident, as Shankly thought he was buying a winger called Jim Kerr. After a difficult start where he had a transfer request accepted, he was moved to left back and the rest is history. Took over penalty duties and was part of the Liverpool side to win our First European trophy.

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John Arne Riise

John Arne Riise - If ever there was a player whose shot you didn't want to get in the way of. Became an instant hero of the Kop when he thundered in a 70mph shot in of the cross bar against Manchester United. Was better going forward than defending.

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Alan Kennedy celebrates his 1984 European Cup winning penalty vs Roma

Alan Kennedy - If you needed a goal scoring fullback for the big occasion then Kennedy was your man, winning goal in the European Cup final v Real Madrid, winning penalty against Roma in the final of the same competition in 1984, not to mention FA Cup and League Cup finals. A great attacking full back who surprisingly only won 2 England caps.

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Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson - We all know about our current marauding Left Back. Was Scotland's PFA young player of the year in 2012/13 and is now Captain of Scotland. Is hardly ever injured, and won the fans over in January 2018 with a 75m gegenpressing against Man City.

Stig Inge Bjorneby - Another player who struggled with the move to Liverpool, and a broken leg didn't help. However, with hard work and the quality of his crosses helped him earn a place in the 1996/97 Premier League of the year.

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Ronnie Moran - Mr Liverpool pictured (right) in the Boot Room with assistant manager Joe Fagen

Ronnie Moran - Mr Liverpool, a local lad who was recommended for trials by the postman of the then club Chairman. Was able to play both full back positions, and was the club captain when Shankly arrived. Clearly his leadership skills were noticed as he became part of the famous Boot Room. Trying to pick a top 3 for me was impossible, as the more I read about some of these players the more difficult I found it to split them. So I've gone for my top 5 in order:
  1. Alan Kennedy - Could attack and defend and knew how to score under pressure.
  2. John Arne Riise - Thunderous left foot.
  3. Robertson - Could seriously threaten top spot if he can maintain form for next 3-4 years.
  4. Byrne - Anyone who plays and provides an assist with a broken collarbone in a cup final.
  5. Bromilow - Part of the double winning "Untouchables" and first Scouse Captain. 
So start voting.

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