The greatest ever Liverpool - Goalkeeper (fan poll)

Article by Shaun

Who’d want to be a keeper? Well it seems many do, and we’ve had some belters over the years, as well as some right lemons. As you can imagine, stats for the number of saves made with your left hand compared to your right didn’t exist back in the day, so I’m going to stick with the basics.

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As there are too many keepers to go through I’ve set one basic criteria. You must have played at least 50 games for the club. Told you it was simple. On that criteria then we have had 24 different goalies. I’ve split the information into 2 sections, the first is linked to goals conceded, the other, number of clean sheets.

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Goals conceded

Many surprises for me, Alisson so far ahead albeit for a short time compared to many. Reina being top of the longer standing keepers threw me, I’d have thought Grobbelaar then Clemence would have been ahead, and a very impressive showing from Westerveld, and who would have thought Calamity James would have let in less than a goal a game.

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The top 8 all came during and since Shankley took over as manager, further proof that he took us to another level, especially given that the keepers just before him taking over were averaging between 1.32 & 1.89 conceded goals per game.

Clean sheets

Although too early to give him this title yet, but Alisson is clearly on the road to be a club legend with some outstanding figures which look like they are only going to get better.

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Reina’s figures have blown me away, especially given that he was not part of an all conquering side. Given the sides that both Grobbelaar and Clemance were part of, then it’s not surprising that they both come out with strong figures, but to perform to those sorts of levels up to 14 years is truly remarkable.

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How do you split Westerveld and Dudek, with both performing to such similar levels, for me I’d go with Dudek for 2 reasons. More games and Istanbul.

My top 5 in order:

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