Should Liverpool spend in the January sales?

With the misery of Christmas looming large it means we're also closing in rapidly on the winter transfer window. In many ways they are very similar, you can end up paying through the nose for a load of over priced junk that nobody actually needs, or wanted. With that in mind it might be prudent to begin our shopping plans early and I propose we start from the back and work our way forwards.

Goal keepers: We have in Alisson one of the best keepers on the planet and in Adrian a very decent backup. The jury is somewhat out on Kelleher but he may yet prove to be okay. I think we all agree that our club sadly would not be able to afford to bring Mignolet back, so we cannot improve here.

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Defenders: With Lovren and Gomez as backup to our first choice pairing VVD and Matip we seem reasonably well catered for centre back wise, unless of course VVD gets injured and then who knows what would happen. Short term a Lovren/Gomez/Matip partnership could get us by but we'd surely lose some overall quality. That said we're never going to find a like for like defender as good as VVD who'd be happy to be a backup. So centre backs - perhaps in the summer we may improve but for now there needn't be any great panic.

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Full backs are a very similar story - we're not going to find players of the same quality as Robbo and TAA who are happy to simply be backup options. We have players like Gomez and Milner who can cover though so again we're probably just about okay in this department.

Midfield: We've enough midfielders to form their own league so if we need any more then something's gone badly wrong. And something might have done, we spent a fortune on Keita and are yet to see much of a return. I heard it suggested today that Klopp signed Naby in the belief it would help our front three but has since realised our normal trio of Henderson, Gini and Fabinho is still the best option for us overall. Regardless, Naby has plenty of time to prove his worth. The same goes for The Ox and if we ever see him again, Shaqiri. Lallana is an option we have as well. Come summertime I'd expect to see some midfield movement but no rush to do anything in January.

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Attack: This is the only area of the pitch we might and possibly should look to improve. Admittedly it's debatable if we need to as we have our terrific trident of power, plus Origi, plus possibly The Ox (could he play along the front line somewhere if needed?) plus Shaqiri, who I believe is still a Liverpool player on paper at least. What we don't have is an actual striker. Firmino is mustard but he's not a striker, the same applies to Mane and Mo. Origi's CV says he's a striker but even Kloppo doesn't appear to be convinced as he generally plays him on the wing and our other oft-touted option, 19 year old Rhian Brewster, doesn't look set to feature any time soon.

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Who then is a real striker and are they available in January?

Timo Werner and yes apparently he is. According to this report Liverpool are keen on beating rivals and fellow suitors Manchester Utd in the race to sign Timo. It's further claimed there's a clause in his contract to allow him to leave current club RB Leipzig for £27M in January. I would take all that with a barrow load of salt but if such an undertaking is a possibility then I'm massively in favour of it.

Think back just two fixtures to our game versus KRC Genk, there was much debate about who should be rested in that game due to it preceding our very important match with City. Klopp chose to rest Firmino and play Origi. We won 2-1 but both our goals were scored by midfielders. I believe it would have been far better if we could also have rested one of Mane or Salah or even both. We simply don't have the players to do so though and as fixtures start to pile up from now until the end of the season we could really benefit from an extra option in this area of the pitch.

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One could argue that currently our second choice attack option Origi, simply isn't good enough. Are we really confident starting him in place of Firmino, Mane or Salah in a big match? And bear in mind every single remaining EPL game, all twenty-six of them, are big matches. Personally I think Origi has his place and will continue to but having Timo as well would strengthen us a great deal more.

Having been previously linked with us most will now be familiar with Timo but a little info on him: Main position is centre forward although he can also play left and right wing. He's 23 which means his prime years are still to come. He's 1.81m tall which would give give us some good height in attack and he's been racking up goals and assists: 21&10 in the 17/18 season, 19&10 in the 18/19 season and 15&7 so far this season. I don't think RB Leipzig play as many games as we do and also our attack is better so you would think he'd really fill his boots in our team and likely up his strike rate as a result. Plus under Jurgen's tutelage he'd surely improve even more as a player all round.

What do we think then all, Timo, or not Timo, that is the question. Also do you agree that attack is the only area we need to strengthen this January, are there other areas of concern, or do we already have all the squad we need to win all that we hope to.

(As if to add more weight to the above suggested signing, news is currently filtering in that Salah is injured and out for at least the Palace game.)
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