Liverpool v Genk | what line-up should Jurgen field?

Tomorrow we take on KRC Genk at home in a Champions League fixture we'll want to do our very best to win but we'd only be kidding ourselves if we didn't acknowledge the far bigger game will come five days later when Manchester City come to Anfield. It seems fair to assume this will have a large bearing on who we field versus Genk. Although Klopp is very much a concentrate on winning one game at a time kind of manager, so quite rightly, I don't expect him to field a severely weakened team.

In defence both Clyne and Matip are unavailable due to ongoing injuries and Shaqiri is.... nobody knows.... but I think everyone else is fit enough to at least make the bench. Jurgen seems currently to favour Lovren over Gomez so I expect him to start alongside VVD, TAA and Robbo, with Alisson in behind. Perhaps there's a case to be made for resting some of those players but I don't think it's a strong one and anticipate them all starting both the games under discussion.

Midfield and beyond things get more tricky to predict as we now have more options to consider. Gini, Fabinho and Keita started against Genk away and we won 1-4, there's a chance we'll see the same midfield start tomorrow. I've a feeling however that Milner will be involved, possibly in place of Keita who may not be 100% fit. Henderson's looked jaded of late so I think he'll be rested and in our last fixture Gini was subbed at the sixty five minute mark so perhaps he'll start. I've also a feeling Lallana might.

Heading things, I can see Origi starting in place of Bobby who's looked tired recently and wish we had some other options so as to be able to rest more of our normal attacking trio. Possibly Ox could play in place of one of them? Not sure and also not sure he's yet fit enough to start too many games. More likely Jurgen will want to ensure he's fit and ready to come off the bench and devastate City. Overall then I think we'll see something pretty close to the following.


As a side note I found an interesting clip from Tifo Football who make some good analytical videos. This one takes a look at our pressing game and how it's evolved over recent seasons. Culminating in the current curious case of how we'll line up in games now that we have Ox and Naby back.

Hope folks find it a worthy watch which will perhaps help us predict which type of set up Jurgen will use depending on our opponents. How he uses our various midfield options as we continue on through the season will be interesting to see. Back specifically to tomorrow's game and here are Jurgen as well as Alisson's pre-match thoughts. Some comment from both on our lack of clean sheets, something we need to improve. As well as further interesting discussion and views regarding VAR, Pep and as I expected - no talk or consideration must be given to City!

Listening to Jurgen I'm leaning more and more towards us seeing a stronger team fielded tomorrow than we might expect. What do people think though, would you like to see us rest as many players as possible. Or should we start our strongest available eleven with a view to quickly getting the game done and dusted before making some early subs. Personally I'd go somewhere in the middle as per my above line-up which I've just forwarded to Jurgen. Let's see if he takes any notice.
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