Liverpool v Genk | Live fans match thread!

Trialling a slightly different format today where we publish our match threads closer to kick off. I'm hoping the benefit of doing so will be two fold: lessen the number of Disqus bugs in the comments section and leave more room ahead of each fixture to squeeze in articles on other LFC matters, as well as make the most of the build up to the game in question. Having covered said build up beforehand though means the match threads themselves will be short, sweet and to the point......



Prediction League bonus point questions:

Who will score the first LFC goal (2 points)
Who will score the second LFC goal (2 points)
Who will score the third LFC goal (2 points)
Who will score the fourth LFC goal (2 points)

Correctly guess 1+2 for two extra bonus points. Correctly guess 1+2+3 for five extra bonus points and correctly guess 1+2+3+4 for ten extra bonus points.
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