Liverpool suffer self-inflicted(?) injury crisis

As we approach the January transfer window there is news that further suggests it may be wise of us to try and strengthen our squad. Particularly in attack and the fullback positions. It's possible too that we've not been helping ourselves lately.

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Andy Robertson has just pulled out of Scotland's squad with an ankle injury and revealed that, while aggravated during our match against City, it's an issue he's been suffering from for some time and one which has prevented him from training. Still we've continued to play him. That can only mean one of two things, we are not smart or we simply don't have adequate cover.

Here are Robertson's own words, as quoted here:

For the last two and a half weeks, I’ve not trained at all for Liverpool. I’ve trained the day before a game, could only play the last 15 minutes against Genk in the Champions League and missed the Arsenal game in the 
League Cup.

It’s a niggling injury which won’t go away unless I give it time. My ankle was already injured when a tackle from Rodri on me late in the game against Manchester City
 on Sunday opened it up again.

I was already a doubt for Scotland but unfortunately that made it even worse. I don’t want to pick up more injuries and ruin my season because of it. The call has been made and it has been taken out of my hands. It hurts as captain to miss out.

So that's strike one against our club for poor management of players and here comes strike two....

Mohamed Salah has also been ruled out of international duties and also with an existing ankle injury which he's been suffering from for a number of weeks. With Mo though, not only have we continued to play him while injured but we've also let him dictate to us that he would report for international duty and have his injury assessed there. Our preference however was for him to undergo a scan in the UK beforehand. Why are we not much firmer in such matters?

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We knew Salah was injured so why an earth did we not insist on investigating the extent of said injury before any consideration was even made about international duties. All that's happened as a 
result is we've lost valuable treatment and recovery time. It's also arguable that we should have long since stopped fielding Mo ourselves. Again this suggests we're either daft or we lack backup options.

What we are left with now then is two of our key players likely to miss our next game against Palace and possibly out for an extended period afterwards, and that could be a big problem. A massive problem in fact because over the next seven weeks we have no less than eleven games to play.

Could we really keep on winning without Robbo or Salah, possibly even both. Is it even arguable that we'd suffer a big drop in quality? And with these things in mind are people still of the view we don't need to do any business in January, or should we continue on fielding players with injuries because we don't have good enough backup for them. Personally I can only see that ending in tears, dropped points and not inconceivably us yet again failing to win the league from a commanding position.
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