LFC breakfast teaser: Mbappe or Silva?

Morning all, I'll get a match thread going later for the Villa game when Kloppo has done his press conference but just briefly, I thought we could take a look at a couple of transfer rumours.

Mbappe continues to be linked with a move to Liverpool and just recently he made that move seem almost a certainty by 'liking' a Salah Twitter post. There have been multiple similar stories of late and so now we know that's pretty much a done deal,  the question we could ask ourselves is are we pleased about this set in stone prospect? Let's take a look at Mbappe in action to help us decide.

Naturally Mbappe is not the only striker to soon be signing for us and TLBN is pleased to confirm we have read a report which is reporting to have read another report which reported that LFC have recently sent scouts to watch FC Porto on the basis of an interest in their seventeen year old Portuguese striker Fabio Silva.

It's likely we're about to sign both players but if we can only have one of them then which one should it be. I know the choice may on the face of it seem straightforward but at least have a look at Silva in action to be sure before you rule Mbappe out altogether.

Okay, okay that was all a little bit tongue in cheek but the Mbappe to Liverpool rumour is one that just refuses to die and if anything it's only gathering pace, so who knows. We saved our pennies last summer, we can afford him. We are hoping to finish this season as league winners and adding that to our recent champions league win, plus hopefully another cup trophy or two will surely make us the number one destination for football's elite players. We have the best manager in the world as well as the best fans, and that must add to our appeal as well.

On the other hand do we even need a new striker and if we do, would or should it be at the expense of an existing player, Origi or maybe even Salah? And if we are to sign another striker does it need to be an established worldie like Mbappe, or should it perhaps be someone like Silva who we can mould into a great in the traditional LFC way.
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