English Premier League Gameweek 13 preview

Now, there's this thing called football I'd like to talk about, don't know if any of you have heard of it. The international break is behind us, and now we enter Friday the 13th gameweek 13. Despite what the more superstitious nesters might be thinking, we've actually fared pretty well at this point during Klopp's tenure. A 15/16 1-4 tromping of Manchester City by our brilliant Brazilians sits pretty alongside a 16/17 2-0 demolition of the mighty Sunderland and last season's 0-3 bollocking defeat of Watford at the Vicarage (no Jay). The only blip is a 1-1 draw with Chelsea at Anfield, but overall, Klopp tends to clear this hurdle of the campaign.

I won't go into our match, but instead the others, looking at potential areas of interest for us Kopites. If you'd like to look at our game I've discovered this nifty little article: 

First up is the early Saturday match West Ham United vs Spurs. The great London derby, watched throughout the footballing world and beyond, the result of which sends ripples across the sport. This is Mourinho's first game as Spurs manager (somehow). With only a few days to work with his new team will Mou stick with Poch's style for the game, or has he quickly got the groundsmen to work moving the manager’s parking space from the car park to the pitch? Only time will tell. In all seriousness love him or hate him he's box office stuff and it's great for the league to have him back. This will be a real spectacle and I'd recommend tuning in, even though there isn't any direct impact on us.

Next is Arsenal vs Southampton at a 3 o'clock kick-off. Not much to say here. A big team with a manager under pressure, however, as with the other 3 o'clock kick offs, the European champions are on. Not a bad game to keep an eye on though, if only for the Arsenal Fan TV fan cams if it isn't a 'Good ebening' for the Gunners. After this is Harry Wilson vs Wolves. Let's hope for a Wilson hatrick and a 3-4 finish, hey Case. 

Brighton vs Lost in translation is next. With Man City's recent drop off i'm getting more and more worried about Lester. They have no Europe, a squad with nothing to lose, and an outstanding manager. They have a fairly manageable Christmas period, and (given ours and City's fixture lists in comparison) I can see City 15 points behind us, but Lester only 5-3 when we play them away on boxing day. Lets hope for a slip up, if just to cure my anxiety. 

The star is present for the league leaders, and completely coincidentally that means league leaders Liverpool hold the mantle this week. I'm sure the rest of the division will fight tirelessly for this coveted title as star team, which tends to go missing from team to team time to time. Everton face Norwich. Another manager under threat. Very winnable and therefore very important for Marco 'sugar-free' Polo Silva.

I've taken the liberty of crossing out the games of little meaning to the nest. If you have any complaints please contact us at BT customer service, the most reliable customer service. 

The lightning represents LBS's pick for the end-to-end game of the weekend. Lampard and Pep are two attacking-minded mangers and I have no doubt this game will entertain. I think it's still best for us that Chelsea win, but this is a win whichever way it goes. Must watch. 

Finally, the last (worthwhile) fixture is the 4:30 pm Sunday match-up between the mighty United and the lesser half of Manchester. I foolishly messed up on my annotation, this is genuinely Wilder's to lose. The fact I can say that with such honesty tells me how great football is for us right now. 

This weekend is a cracker (too early to be a C*******s cracker) among the, frankly, cracker of a season on the way. There's so much football to talk about right now, so, to the best of our ability, let's talk about it!
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