VVD, Gini, Wilson, Lovren, Origi and Robertson vs The World

As I write this Firmino is playing for Brazil versus Nigeria with Fabinho on the bench and hopefully that will finish with both players unscathed and then later this afternoon and into this evening the above named LFC players will once again take to the pitch for their respective national sides. Well, I say once again, Origi wasn't used in Belgium's last match but maybe today he will be.


Interestingly Lovren's Croatia play Wilson's Wales so that might be one to keep an eye on. Scotland have a greater chance of doing better than in their last outing as they take on San Marino who have been shipping goals for fun, so with a bit of luck that'll be a game in which Robbo's able to calibrate his shooting boots. Virgil and Gini take on Belarus in a tie you'd expect the Dutch to win.

Thankfully we've now broken the back of the international break, having just one more day of LFC involvement in it tomorrow and then we can get back to some proper football. In the mean time a quick check of the news finds the Argentinian coach telling the press that Aguero is injured. Of course we don't wish injury on any one but that is interesting to us nonetheless.
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