The Greatest ever Liverpool - Manager (fan poll)

Article by Shaun

There is always much debate over who was the greatest. How do we judge this? Results, wins, unbeaten runs, or is it as simple as trophies?

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From a trophies point of view then we all know the answer, Bob Paisley! 19 trophies in 9 years is fantastic in anyone's books and for those of us lucky enough to witness the sides he managed we'll never debate this, or listen to those who say otherwise, but if we removed the trophy count would he still be The Greatest?

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Since we formed in 1892 Liverpool FC have had 21 managers, although this did count Ronnie Moran for 10 games, and that ill-fated dual management of Houllier and Evans so for this debate, I’ll leave those figures out.

Trophies Top 10


(T2 = Old Division 2 League L = Lancashire League)

Although these figures have been put in order of volume, I fully appreciate that 2 European Trophies is better than 2 Division Titles and a Local League Title, and it is for this reason that in the event of a draw then I’ve rated Europe over Domestic, and Titles over Cups.

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The main fact that jumps out for me is that out of the 58 trophies in this list, only 9 of them came before Bill Shankly which highlights what a major effect he had on our great club. Not only did he start the revolution, but he also had a mightily impressive 10 trophies which included getting back into the top flight, our first FA Cup and our first success in Europe.

Unbeaten Top 10


*Kenny Dalglish had a 2nd stint as manager with figures of:

P 74 W35(47.3%) D 35(23%) U 70.3% this gave a combined unbeaten figure of 82.6%

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These figures I found interesting, David Ashworth could have become a great if he hadn’t drawn as many games and it may require a later article to find out why he was removed after quite a short time. Roy Evans underperformed on the trophies front, yet effectively lost less games than Gerard Houllier, the man who effectively kicked him out of a job and ended The Boot Room.

King Kenny had a fantastic haul of 8 trophies in his 1st 6 years as well as ending our 6 year draught without silverware, and one can only assume that his all conquering side would have had success in Europe if not for the ban to all English clubs during his initial stint as Manager. Jurgen Klopp looks well on his way to becoming a club legend, IF he can produce the trophies that his results clearly deserve.

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For me it’s all about winning. On that score Paisley remains as No1. Shankly comes in as 2nd, not only on trophy count, but without him nothing that follows happens. King Kenny comes in 3rd, although not having success in Europe (out of his control), 8 trophies and domestic domination scores well. On paper Houllier should come in 4th, however he never had success at the top table. 4 domestic cups and the UEFA Cup is impressive, especially as he gave us a cup treble but he’s 5th for me. I’d go for Klopp as 4th, success in Europe and a record points total, along with the 2nd best win ratio in the clubs history pushes him up the table.

So, who is the greatest manager ever for Liverpool FC?

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