Robertson, VVD, Gini, Origi & Lovren, vs The World


Tonight we have a veritable smorgasbord of Liverpool players taking on various countries from around the globe. Robertson is hoping to beat Russia, while VVD and Gini will attempt to trounce N.Ireland. Lovren may possibly attempt to defeat Hungary (not sure if he's had enough match time with us to feature internationally?) And our striker supreme Mr Divock Okoth Origi, is hoping to score a victory over San Marino.

Where can you watch all of the above? Absolutely no idea. Presumably though it'll be broadcast for our televisual viewing pleasure on one or more platforms and if we agree which of the matches we might like to watch then I'll endeavour to find us some sources to do so.

Personally I'm torn between watching Roberstoson versus Russia or Virgil and Gene Gini taking on Northern Ireland. Probably the latter will be the best match overall but something appeals about watching Robbo, as with respect (am sure Jock will agree) he really will pretty much be trying to win his game single-handedly. And you wouldn't put it past him to do just that. Whether we watch him or not though he certainly has our support in the face of criticism he's previously been on the end of while playing for his country. The main thing of course is that we don't want any injuries.

Anyway please use this as a thread for general chit chat as well as commenting as you wish on the international games. Then later on we'll do our best to stay awake while they're being played.
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