Player ratings: Utd 1-1 Liverpool

Article by Ilija

Alison- N/A. Nothing to do. Goal is scored from too close, nothing else bothered him enough and no notable passes or basically anything he could've done better or worse.

Robertson- 6.5. Because the team didn't perform he never received good passes in the attack. Did his job very well in defence and got the assist from the first forward pass he received. Could've done better with a few crosses, but one of the few players that can't be blamed too much.

Van Dijk- 5. Quite comical a few times, got saved (again) by Matip, but overall a poor performance. Few headers won, but nothing of note really.

Matip-5. With his horrid passes and losing the ground for the goal he would've scored a point less, but he did have two good tackles unlike Van Dijk, so...

Trent-5. Same as Robbo but with no good crosses at all and nothing special defensively. Actually make that 4.5. Very poor from Trent, he has to start winning these derbies before it gets to his head.

Fabinho- 4.5. There were at least three passes five yards long he didn't pass properly. Nothing notable in defence either. Who was this guy...

Henderson-5. Did two good things, so a half point more than Fabinho for him. He's the captain actually so make that 4.5 too.

Wijnaldum- 6.5. Our only good player in the first, did stuff nobody else tried. Faded out in the second, but still didn't disappoint like the majority.

Mane- 5. We were bad overall and that is when you expect your best player to take the ball, dribble past one or two and make stuff happen. Not sure he ever tried that.

Origi- 5.5 He actually did try to get past a player twice. Has to be smarter after that foul - fall into the player that gets the ball off him, grab the ball with your hands - something.

Firmino- 6.5. He suffered the most from our inert midfield. Whenever the ball reached him he at least passed it back to the midfielder. Then it's mid's job to run in for a one-two, that never happened. Had his share of poor passes too and non-existent patches, but if anyone around him was on his level we would've scored one or two. Fluffed his shot, make it 6.


Subs- 7.5. All of them. Had a job to do, and did everything that was asked from them. Oxlade's attempted dribbling, shot twice. Lallana was keeping the ball in their third and creating stuff, Keita was unpredictable finally... Everyone sees we lack a bit of creativity in the midfield when teams sit back, good to see our bench stepping up.

Klopp- 7. A point or two up for the subs working out, specially Lallana. That goal was PES stuff. The famous half-spaces, Adam is between the wing back and the central defender. The wing back doesn't think he should follow the runner from the midfield, the central defender thinks he should attack the ball and not the runner. Perfect. But not getting Keita or Oxlade earlier on, and allowing Manu to frustrate us that much to start with makes the 7 even generous.

By the way, we'll finish above Manu this season. Above all of them.

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