Pause for thought

Post from Shaun

I've been posting on this site and L-Kop for around 5 years, which I appreciate isn't as long as many on this site. So when L-Kop was closing down, I like many had many run ins with JK, but acknowledged the hard word he did to run the site, so I let things slide most of the time.

This site was set up, and although I have never and probably will never meet any of you, I've enjoyed the banter that is generally seen. There have been heated moments, I don't agree with everyone and some people on this site quite possibly don't like me and will want to have a crack at my comments.

However, the next thread opens and we all get on with it again. I love this about the site. I don't work with other people so being able to chuck things around is great, and I love some of the comments.

I've learned about how fans from other countries view things differently from me, cultural differences, race differences and life differences, but I'd like to think that at the end of it all, we all walk away understanding that nothing is meant to harm or offend.

The overall positives of this site far out way the negatives. The moderators on the whole are excellent, sometimes they probably need to take a step away and let us have our silly arguments.

The posters on this site have a responsibility to treat each other with basic respect. If it is clear that an agreement isn't going to be reached, then step away and don't respond. Don't keep pushing to the point of being stubborn for the sake of it. Maybe we should work on a 3 strikes then STOP, almost like a "We'll agree to disagree".

This will seem petty, but it should be a swearing free zone. This is a public site, and as such the language should reflect that.

Can we all wake up tomorrow, forget tonight and start afresh, because at the moment people are clearly not enjoying the site, and that is down to all of us. Let's not ruin what is good.
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