Manu vs Liverpool

Right, now its back to real football after the trials and tribulations of the International break and they don't come much realer than Manu v Liverpool.  After the racism row with Bulgaria we can at least be Suarez there won't Evra be a problem like that with this match.

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After the recent heavy rains I have managed to get hold of a picture of United's training ground. If you look very carefully you can just about make out the Scum.

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If you listen to all the bluff and bluster coming out of old Trafford  they will struggle to put together a team of 11 fit players or 10 fit ones and one fat one if Luke Shaw plays.  It just goes to show the inverse relationship between a team's performances on the pitch and the sudden increase in the number of injured players hiding in needing the treatment room. The picture below shows the latest serious injury to Paul Pogba which despite more Spanish holidays than you can shake a stick at is still likely to keep him out of what would have been his final Utd/Liverpool game. 

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It seems very likely that Ole (their caretaker manager) will be forced to dust off his boots and make an appearance himself. So that's the last 10 minutes of the game covered. He will though add some much needed pace and energy to the side despite being 46 (years not months) and only a matter of days away from early retirement, I am just waiting for the customary vote of confidence from the board before the game.

We can expect a full bloodied encounter with plenty of niggles, mind games, dirty tactics and kicking and screaming all played out in front of a crowd baying for blood. But enough about Mmes Rooney and Vardy and back to the match.

This has always been a difficult game for us even under Klopp and I think he  has sometimes played it too cautiously and given them too much respect. This Manu team really is not to be feared. Providing we don't allow ourselves to  get drawn into any silly wars and rely on our superior skills and team work we really should run out the winners.

Team: Alisson, TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo, Fab, Milner, Gini. Mane Firmino, Whelk. I think Milner might start in place of Henderson or at least be swapped around after half time as Hendo played in both International matches.

Prediction Questions:
1. First LFC goal scorer
2. Time of the first LFC goal (+\- 2)
3. MOTM as per TLBN
LadyLiverBird 4th LFC goal Special
4. LFC player to score 4th goal (2pt)
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