Liverpool vs RB Salzburg

There are serious injury concerns for Liverpool players ahead of the game against Red Bull somewhere or another FC. The fear is of respiratory damage from breathing in the noxious smells that accompany the club. The picture below shows the home team training for the match.

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Red Bull took over the club in 2005 changed their name, the club colours, the team management and even the tea lady. I would not want to overstate the clumsy nature of their takeover and complete disregard for the club's history.  I will just say though they ripped out it's soul, spat on it, threw it on the ground, trampled on it and then set fire to it. Not content with that they also created strong links with RB Leipzig and a number of players transferred from Salzburg to Leipzig. Fortunately, when both clubs qualified for the CL, our heroes in UEFA  concerned at a possible  conflict of interest conducted an extensive and thorough investigation into the arrangements. I am pleased to say that they were able to completely exonerate both clubs and the owners. The picture below shows the sort of brief case that might be used to transport paperwork

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I would like to report that nothing good came of their takeover but of course like City, the plastics, PSG tips etc they have gone from strength to strength.  The only comfort at all is that their 30,000 seater stadium attracts an average gate of just 7,000.

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