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Right it's little Les again. when we played him  last season at home we won (EDIT: lost or drew insert as appropriate) and ended the day 5 points ahead of City at the top of the table.  City don't play at home to Wolves until Sunday so we will be at least as well off again this time round come Saturday night and might even end the weekend further ahead. Wolves are no pushover but like City (I don't) they also played in Europe this week and are not used to that and they don't have the squad to rest players.  Nevertheless, it is comforting to consider that no matter what happens we will still sit at the top the table going into the International break. Those of you of a nervous disposition look away now.

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The foxes now have this "outstanding" young, yet experienced, extremely talented and good looking manager. At least that is what it says here on Brendan Rodger's own press release.  Did we do the wrong thing replacing him with Klopp trading a new model for an older one? After all both have won two championships but BR has more cup wins and has managed two teams that have won the Champions League to Klopp's one. On paper we got it wrong but fortunately the game is played on grass (well a mixture of grass and plastic). I know who I would rather have, though Jay would probably say both.


Prediction Questions:
1. First LFC goal scorer 
2. LFC shots on target
3. Echo’s MOTM 


Match thread - Bonus DVD - The Spell Check Menace  (kindly provided by LiverBirdSpotting)

Next up is League Leaders Liverpool vs the team located South of Loughborough, and North East of Coventry. It seems to me that spelling our opponent is an ongoing issue for all Nest residents, so given that Thursday was World Poetry Day, I’ve done you all a favour with the aim of rectifying this:

L-League leaders Liverpool will beat them 4-0 tomorrow according to the words of our very own Case. Biblical.

E-Ex-English champions will gift us the points, by decree of the benevolent Brendan. OUTSTANDING.

I-In the spirit of sharing, we will gracefully give their faithful travellers a fun and open game, to give them the illusion that we’re in the same league (bless).

C-Chilwell is half the player Robertson is, and will prove that when Salah passes around him to one of our own players, something unthinkable for any decent defender. Surely?

E-Everyone knows if Alisson is back it’s a forgone conclusion. His failed Cryuff turn in the reverse fixture last season is a demon he’ll be desperate to make up for, and with his newly shaved beard, I predict it will be second time lucky. His successful attempt this time round will completely deflate their (moral, for sane people) Walker’s packets across the production line for decades to come, until eventually Walkers will outsource production, devastating their local economy.

S-Saigon is the capital of Vietnam, which isn’t really relevant, as their owners are Thai. The next spelling test will be on their owner’s name: Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha. I’ll leave that poem to someone else. Any takers?

T-Terrestrial TV highlights are the only legal way to watch this game in the UK, as 3pm games aren’t allowed to be shown live in the UK. This was initially to boost ticket revenues for clubs; however, this isn’t relevant for Anfield, which be ready and raring to go as always.

E-Everyone knows that Mignolet is the G.O.A.T, but if you ever doubt the fact, then read these soothing words from the infallible Brodgers, our bro, referencing Simon: “We play with 11 men, other teams play with 10 men and a goalkeeper”. Great character.

R-Red Bull Salzburg may be an important wake up call for us. Leicester are no mugs in attack, and Maddison (if fit), Vardy et al will punish us if we defend like that come Saturday. Alisson and Matip are doubts, but if we get just one back, I think that could make a world of difference tomorrow, especially if it’s Matip. Gomez is the future, sure, but I think we can all agree he’s off the pace, and an experienced, in-from poacher like Vardy will likely punish him. Adrian has been top tier recently, but Alisson adds another dimension to our build-up play, is a superior shot-stopper, and generally just commands a bigger presence in the box.

The Red Bull game has filled me with confidence, however. Knowing our team, that comeback will only strengthen our resolve and concentration levels. In the past, even last season, a shred of doubt may’ve kicked in after a game like that, but with number 6 standing proud in our trophy cabinet, that won’t be the case anymore. We know how good we are, and we will show it.

Take from this what you will.
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