Liverpool v Tottenham - live fans match thread!

Well thanks Villa, you've quoted us miserable there and as a result our lead at the top is down to just three points. With City having a better goal difference, we'd lose our spot at the top should they draw level on points which could happen if Totteringham were to beat us tomorrow.

Further on that point I'd suggest if we're to win the league we can't afford to look at games like the one against Utd and say 'well a point is good enough' Traditionally it may have been acceptable to take a single point from the big away games but to beat this City team it's not any more. In my view we dropped two points at Old Trafford in what was a very winnable game. We simply can't afford to do the same against Spurs.

A few weeks back I felt quite bullish about our chances of winning the league this season but I'm much less cocksure now. City are a machine that like the Terminator simply doesn't stop and we are going to need to match them every step of the way.

Our opponents tomorrow may have been faltering of late but to believe that will make the match against them any easier would be a mistake. Just like Utd did Spurs will up their game against us. Unlike that fixture though, this one is at Anfield and that should give us the edge we need to win it.

An interesting recent development is that we've seen the return to form and fitness of both The Ox and Naby Keita, as well as a sharper looking Lallana. Personally I don't think Jurgen will rush any of them and so I expect to see our more regular line-up tomorrow. At least to start with. Also I'm yet to be convinced Jurgen doesn't still see the following eleven (with Matip) as our strongest team.


It's going to be quite exciting as we progress through the season to see just how our midfield players are used. In theory the new found availability of extra options who also give us different abilities should make us a better team. That's on paper though and it still needs Kloppo to utilise them correctly. Will we now see a lot of rotation or will we stick with a more settled eleven?

Injury wise I believe it's only Matip and Shaqiri who aren't available. Maybe an outside chance for Matip but Shaqiri is still suffering from his calf injury. Alexander-Arnold looks likely to start after recovering from illness. Robertson it's been confirmed was simply taken off early in our midweek game to rest him. Jurgen also mentions in his pre-match press conference below that Henderson and Gini were both rested in our last match because they'd played a lot during the international break.

Something else Jurgen talks about in the attached presser is how he set new standards inside the club. Things like having our players be sure to say good morning to the various staff and clear their plates after eating etc. All normal things well mannered people do but I think it's good that our manager has ensured high standards of respect are followed and maintained.

He also said when he joined LFC he sat all our players down and showed them a photograph of the eighty plus staff at the club, asking if the players knew who they all were. They didn't. Now they do. I thought that was brilliant. Really simple stuff but can go a long way. I was always struck when Bev talked fondly of Tranmere where both she and her daughter worked, just how much it sounded like an extended family with a real family atmosphere. That has always been a core value at Liverpool too and we really couldn't ask for a better manager to continue to promote such things.

Back to tomorrow's game where those sorts of values and family feel will be in abundance at Anfield, we must of course watch out for players like Harry Hurricane who brings a lot of hot air, Dele Deluge who's often a bit of a damp squib and of course Scorching Son who to be fair can be hot stuff. Sorry, I tried. Just be thankful I didn't attempt all eleven. Anyway what will happen is despite their best efforts to blow our house down, we will make it a bright sunny day by shellacking them 4-0.


Prediction League bonus questions:
1. LFC player to score first goal
2. LFC player with the highest passing % (min 60 mins)
3. TLBN player of the game (if Jock doesn’t do a Match rating thread then the ECHO)
4. LFC player to score the 4th goal
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