Liverpool FC: naughty but nice?

Article by Earnst

Earnst wrote the following comment a few articles back and I thought at the time it merited further discussion. He posted it just as a new thread was being released into the wild and as people changed to the latest thread it may have been missed. Hopefully he'll not mind me reproducing it here so we can give it some more consideration.

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Bit of an observation from Saturday:

I think we were the "nastiest" we've ever been under Klopp when we played Saturday. We really made Leicester feel uncomfortable from the first minute. It was a series of little things;

- Mane was bullying the opposition in his tackling and playing "impatiently". He was brilliant!

- Robbo was on one, and obviously said something to Perez at the end. (Remember his nudge on Messi during THAT CL game? Seems like there'll be more to come)

- Gini and others were delaying Leicester's throw-ins and set pieces. Just making everything a hassle. Trent in particular was doing the same.

- Milner was all over everyone like a rash (as usual). Tackling hard, but not flinching when the same was done to him.

All that was missing was a bit of Luis "Antagonist" Suarez having a pop in everyone's ear too! (I miss that... I miss him lol)

We've been doing bits of this in recent seasons, but it was very apparent on Saturday. And it fits!! Our style is chaotic and we're in the opposition's face. It's not comfortable and now we're adding to that by genuinely being a little nastier throughout the game. Only one team ends up having fun on the pitch, us! And that'll make a huge difference during the course of the season. Us enjoying our games and the opposition losing their s***. Divide and conquer!!

If nothing else, that aggression and smart nastiness, is the biggest difference I see between our and City's title credentials this year (and 8 points). Obviously we've very different styles, but our approach is enhancing ours at the moment.


Really like this Earnst, it's something I'd not picked up on but reading your description it is in my view bang on the money. We are more focused on a kind of 'all about the win' vibe than we have been for a very long time and that's translating to points on the board.

How do others feel, is the above something you've noticed yourself and if so is it something you like? Perhaps there is a line with this kind of thing and we have to be careful not to cross it. If we can do as Earnst describes though whilst also remaining a team who feature highly in the fair play stakes then to me it suggests we've got this aspect of our game absolutely perfect. What do you think all?
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