Liverpool 5 v 5 Arsenal (5-4 on pens) | EFL Cup | Match reaction

Quick foreword regards the site: the only way to move forward as far as I'm concerned is to press the reset button and start over. That means every single one of us.

Stu and Jock, I love both you guys, you know I do, we've been through so much together and it would take more than a few cross words to change that. We're all miffed at each other and I believe all parties have fair reasoning for such.

I can't stress enough how much I hope to see Stu and Jock return. Everyone does. For now however, right this very second, we can throw the towel in or make the best of a not ideal situation, put our noses to the grindstones, dig deep and see if we can achieve the sort of harmony which will be conducive to everyone wanting to use the site. I can get that done. I really can. Despite what folks might believe, I'm also more than capable of modding the gaff in a fair and reasonable manor.

So, that's what we'll do. We will roll our sleeves up and go again. Exactly as Bev would wish us to and we'll do so in a manor which she would be happy to see and be a part of. Let's give that idea a period of time. I'm fairly sure people will be happy with the results.


And, back to the football. A quick assessment from me: we were not very good for large parts of the game but I have to acknowledge we did show some spirit in sticking with it enough to run out as eventual winners.

I found much of our play quite concerning. Especially from our senior players. Keita, Lallana, Milner, Origi and The Ox all had a golden opportunity to put in a motm performance and show us what they can do. And some really did need to. Milner we know is a great player for us and so he can have a pass but for the other names there, there's no such escape. Regrettably Naby is also now injured again and that topic in itself is a troublesome one. Further to that we've a new concern about Jurgen apparently threatening to pull us out of the competition due to fixture congestion.

All in all a very odd match, should have left a feeling of a great humdinger of a game but instead left more questions than answers. Personally I'll be very pleased to get back to the Premier League and our game versus Villa on Saturday.

I'd be interested to know though if my view of the match was a little skewed. Was it actually a fantastic performance and epic LFC comeback? or am I right to have found much of it a bit of a damp squid. To help you decide, here are some match highlights, followed by Jurgen's post match presser.

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