LFC top dog of the month: September - fan vote

Morning all, thought it was time we started dishing out The Liver Bird Nest top dog awards again and so let's consider who our best player was in September. Here are my picks, oh before I get on to that, I had an idea - it's just a random god on the article thumbnail this month but if anyone wants their own top god featured please send in your pics and we'll use them in the future.

First up with an outside chance of taking this prestigious award is our new goal keeper, Adrián. Bar a few teething gaffs which thankfully didn't cost us and are probably reasonable to expect of a new keeper, Adrián hit the ground running, or in this case saving. Acclimatising quickly enough at the biggest club he's played for to help us win all but one of our games last month.

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Joining what from day one has probably been a real pressure cooker, I think Adrián's exceeded reasonable expectations for a new keeper. Often even the great ones take a while to settle but that's not been a luxury we or the Spaniard could afford. Admittedly we've shipped a few goals but only a small percentage of those were down to poor keeping and my recollection is that Adrián made a greater number of important saves. His distribution and all round play has also been very good.

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Moving to defence my next candidate is Joel Matip who I feel was our most consistently good defender in September. Virgil wasn't quite his imperious self and while both Alexander-Arnold and Robertson played well in parts, extremely well, in fact both picked up Jock's MOTM rating once each, I think Matip edged it overall. He too received one MOTM rating from Jock but also scored higher more generally. That tallies well with my perception that he played to a very high standard for the whole of the month in fact I believe he was our defensive colossus over and above VVD even.

Now without wishing to throw more fuel on the fire of debate regards if our midfield is good enough, I'm going to do exactly that by discounting all of our midfielders as player of the month candidates in the belief none of them were good enough. In part yes, but overall no. That's born out by the fact only Milner received a JockOfTheKop MOTM rating in September. Now is it a little unfair to dismiss our entire midfield? Maybe because the way our midfield is set up to mostly carry out our team's dirty work, it perhaps requires a keener footballing eye than I possess, to fully appreciate all that they do. I'm sticking with my gut feeling however that while Fabinho and Henderson played very well in some games they didn't do quite enough to be in contention here. Nor did Gini.

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Moving to attack we arrive at my top pick this month in Mane. For me our most key player to winning games and most consistently too. Two goals for Sadio this month which is more than any other LFC player, although we played against the MK Dons where he was rested and against Napoli where sadly none of our players were much Kop. That only leaves three games in which overall I believe Mane caused the opposing teams the most problems and had more of an influence on us winning them than any other player. A bold claim perhaps. The question is, do you agree.

LBN POTM awards to date: Van-Dijk x 3, Mane x 2, Shaqiri x 1, Henderson x 1 Origi x 1.

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